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Studies of American Business Heroes (MP3 download)

These four classes offer key insights into, and a vigorous defense of, four giants of America's golden age - the age when individuals were free to achieve unlimited wealth in return for unprecedented achievement.

Successful High-Tech Companies (MP3 download)

This course focuses on four high-tech companies which have prospered in the last five to ten years, while others have failed or gone bankrupt. The course addresses not only the challenges that these companies faced, but also the causes of their successes. (Audio; 4 hrs., 56 min., with Q & A)

The "Trial" of Michael Milken (MP3 download)

This is the "trial" that did not take place — but should have.

The Abolition of Antitrust (Softcover)

"The Abolition of Antitrust" asserts that antitrust laws - on economic, legal and moral grounds - are bad, and provides convincing evidence supporting arguments for their total abolition. (Softcover; 195 pages)

The Capitalist Manifesto: The Historic, Economic and Philosophic Case For Laissez-Faire

"The key to explaining capitalism's unparalleled economic success is dual: to show that it alone is the system that guarantees individual liberties, and to demonstrate that political liberty is an indispensable requirement of man's life on earth." - Andrew Bernstein (Softcover; 500 pages)
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The Corporation (MP3 download)

In this course, Dr. Brook discusses the history and economics behind the rise of the modern corporation, explaining how this form of business organization made possible new heights of wealth creation. He explains why the corporation, despite its productive virtues, has been attacked as illegitimate and immoral since its inception. Finally, he discusses the popular...See More

The Destabilizing Consequences of Central Banking (MP3 download)

This talk explores the fiscal origins of currency monopolies and the adverse consequences stemming from their establishment, including their tendency to promote booms and busts; reviews the origins of the doctrine that they should serve as “lenders of last resort”; and explains why last-resort lending tends in practice to generate moral hazard problems that lead to...See More

The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure: Why Pure Capitalism is the World Economy’s Only Hope

Did Wall Street cause the mess we are in? Should Washington place stronger regulations on the entire financial industry? Can we lower unemployment rates by controlling the free market? The answer is NO.
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The Financial Crisis: What Happened and Why (MP3 download)

Mainstream media and mainstream economists have blamed today's financial crisis on a failure of "free markets." This course sets the record straight. Dr. Brook describes the actual evolution of the crisis, from the government policies that gave rise to it to the unprecedented expansion of government control over the economy that has followed. He places special...See More

The God of the Machine (Softcover)

In this profoundly insightful work of political theory, Paterson seeks an answer to the question: What type of social structure makes productive activity possible? (Softcover; 308 pages)

The Government’s Role in the Great Depression (MP3 download)

Instead of being proof of the inherent instability of capitalism, as is often claimed, the Great Depression was largely the result of mistaken government policies, including misguided attempts to “economize” on gold, policies aimed at keeping wage rates from declining, and Treasury’s sterilization of gold inflows. The combined effects of these and other policies...See More

The Incredible, Edible Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) (Part 1) (MP3 download)

From salmon, rice and bananas to corn, papaya and apples, the technology of genetic engineering has been improving the food we eat for over twenty years. Using our understanding of genetics, biologists have made precise and targeted changes to the genomes of plants to protect them from insects and weeds and to solve a myriad of other problems farmers have faced for...See More

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