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Stress and Coping: An Inductive Approach (MP3 download)

Stress is an element of life which everyone encounters and must deal with. This course provides a theoretical and practical approach to the subject.

Study Methods & Motivation: A Practical Guide to Effective Study (Softcover)

An unusually helpful tool for the serious student, this book offers a concrete program for improving study skills by isolating the two fundamentals of successful studying: proper thinking methods and proper motivation. (Softcover; 183 pages)

Teaching Johnny to Think: A Philosophy of Education Based on the Principles of Ayn Rand's Objectivism

Dr. Peikoff makes a compelling case for a rational system of education by contrasting three schools of philosophy and the different educational alternatives they propose to replace our present system.
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Teaching Values in the Classroom (MP3 download)

Many educators believe a fundamental goal of lower education is to instill good values in children. Some advocate required courses in the "core values." Others believe the schools should be value-neutral, but should teach students to become "moral thinkers." Many take the worst of both approaches, encouraging children to make their own, arbitrary moral judgments...See More

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 1, No. 09) [PDF]

“FCC Shows Its Powers”: broadcasters discover how easily their licenses can be removed by the FCC. “Tests and Racism”: a suit to disqualify a police aptitude test because an insufficient quota of blacks passes it. “Progress Report”: an update on subjects covered in past issues of TIA. Publication date: February 15, 1980

The Self-made Child: Maria Montessori’s Philosophy of Education (MP3 download)

As “man is a being of self-made wealth,” wrote Ayn Rand, “so he is a being of self-made soul.” If this is true, if knowledge, virtue and character are primarily acquired through voluntary action over time, what does this imply for how children ought to be educated? This talk examines Maria Montessori’s views on the matter and explores the ways her pedagogy...See More

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