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A Brief History of the Middle East (MP3 download)

Since the birth of civilization, the Middle East has been a crucible of regional conflicts and conquests. This course provides an essentialized history of the region, from its domination by the Roman Empire, to the rise and fall of Islamic civilization, to the West's defeat of the Ottoman Empire and up to the present, illuminating the context behind the terrorist...See More

America vs. Death-Worship (MP3 download)

The war on terror represents, not merely a clash of civilizations, but a clash of fundamental ethical premises: the premise of life and the premise of death. America was attacked, Dr. Binswanger argues, because it upholds and embodies the value of life, while its enemies scorn life and worship death. This talk, delivered shortly after the September 11, 2001...See More

Charlie Hebdo, The West and the Need to Ridicule Religion (MP3 download)

This lecture was recorded at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2015 in Charlotte, NC.

Defending Free Speech

Freedom of speech is indispensable to a free and civilized society, yet this precious right is increasingly under attack today. • Islamic totalitarians repeatedly threaten and kill those deemed blasphemers, while our political leaders stand idly by, and many intellectuals blame the victims. • College students seek “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” from...See More
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Defensor Patriae: The Homeland Defense in History (MP3 download)

With the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, America has accepted a permanent, institutionalized state of siege on its own soil. But is this the correct strategy? These lectures examine four conflicts in history, asking how great nations have defended themselves against ruthless enemies, and drawing lessons for today.

Failing to Confront Islamic Totalitarianism: From George W. Bush to Barack Obama and Beyond (Paperback)

The military strength of the United States is unmatched in all of world history. Yet fifteen years after September 11, Islamic totalitarianism is undefeated, emboldened, and on the march: from Paris and San Bernardino to Brussels and Orlando. Why?
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Nothing Less than Victory

The goal of a war is to defeat an enemy's will to fight. But how this can be accomplished is a thorny issue. "Nothing Less than Victory" provocatively shows that aggressive, strategic military offenses can win wars and establish lasting peace, while defensive maneuvers have often led to prolonged carnage, indecision, and stalemate. (Hardcover; 368 pages)
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Panel Discussion on Foreign Policy and Terrorism (2002) (MP3 download)

This roundtable discussion on terrorism was recorded at the 2002 East Coast Conference in Vienna, Virginia. It features a hard-hitting discussion on terrorism, the Middle East, the factors causing terrorism and a solution to the terrorism problem.

Panel on Terrorism and War (2004) (MP3 download)

In this wide-ranging discussion, Dr. Brook and Mr. Schwartz draw upon their expertise in foreign policy to evaluate the current state of the war on terrorism, the situation in China and a host of other international issues of concern. (Recorded at the Objectivist Summer Conference in July 2004.)

Q & A Panel on Foreign Policy and the State of the Culture (2005) (MP3 download)

Harry Binswanger, Yaron Brook and Peter Schwartz discuss and answer questions on the philosophical and moral issues related to foreign policy and the state of the culture. Recorded in July 2005 at Objectivist Summer Conference 2005.

Q & A Panel on Foreign Policy and the State of the Culture (2006) (MP3 download)

Panelists: Yaron Brook and Peter Schwartz. Moderated by Harry Binswanger. In this wide-ranging and illuminating panel discussion, Yaron Brook, Peter Schwartz and Harry Binswanger discuss the philosophical and moral issues related to foreign policy and the state of the culture. Topics include: America's current altruistic foreign policy and the need for a...See More

Terrorism and the Morality of Self-Defense (MP3 download)

Mr. Schwartz defines the two basic approaches in dealing with a problem like terrorism: the pragmatic method and the principled method.

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