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A Brief History of the Concept of Free Will (MP3 download)

Do we direct our own lives, or are we merely the pawns of forces beyond our control? How we answer this question makes a significant difference for our views about human nature, morality, and even politics. This course will survey the major developments in philosophers’ thinking about free will since the birth of Western philosophy.

Aircraft Carrier: Defending America on the Seas and in the Air (MP3 download)

The aircraft carrier is one of the greatest inventions of man. Integrating the technologies of aviation, naval architecture and nuclear power carriers exploit the oceans to execute an offensive strategy where they project power on the high seas and in the skies above the lands of our nation’s enemies. This talk presents the evolution of the aircraft carrier from its...See More

American Slavery, American Freedom (MP3 download)

This course examines the intellectual and political history of the movement to abolish slavery in the United States. Lecture one presents the history of American slavery and the political philosophy of those who defended it. Lecture two examines the rise of the Abolitionist movement in the 1830s. Lecture three elucidates the wide spectrum of ideas and political...See More

Ancient Greek Conceptions of Love: Aphrodite to St. Paul (MP3 download)

This course is a history of the different conceptions of love in the ancient Greek world. First, Dr. Mayhew explores the development of the reason-independent view of love; next, he turns to the unsuccessful but influential attempts by philosophers to resist this view; finally, he covers the end of the line of this history: the view of love found in the New...See More

Aristotle and the Constitution of the Athenians (MP3 download)

The constitutional history of Greece is a story of independent men freeing themselves from tyranny. The city of Athens was a leader in this struggle, developing the world's first democracy and confronting the problems of unrestrained mob rule.

Aristotle and the Renaissance (MP3 download)

Ayn Rand wrote: "The Aristotelian revival in the thirteenth century brought men to the Renaissance." These lectures—which cover 500 years, from the rediscovery of Aristotle, to the end of the Renaissance—demonstrate the truth of this statement.

Aristotle as Ethicist (MP3 download)

This course is a survey of the essential content of Aristotle's ethics with a focus on his methodology. Students will see how an inductive approach to ethics leads Aristotle to identify the moral man as a proud "lover of self" who achieves happiness by exercising reason in every sphere of his life. Attention is also paid to why Aristotle makes some significant...See More

Aristotle: Father of Romanticism (MP3 download)

Could there have been a Romantic school of art if not for the ideas of Aristotle? These three classes address this intriguing question.

Aristotle’s Political Philosophy (MP3 download)

These three classes critically examine the essentials of Aristotle's political philosophy. They show that whatever Aristotle's flaws, the common view of him as a collectivist is false.

Aristotle's Poetics: An Introduction for Objectivists (MP3 download)

Aristotle’s Poetics is one of the seminal works in the history of esthetics, and remarkably close to Ayn Rand’s literary esthetics in essentials. This course is an introduction to the Poetics, with an eye on its similarities to and differences from the Objectivist esthetics.

Aristotle's Rhetoric: Putting Reason Into Communication (MP3 download)

Aristotle's "Rhetoric" is a seminal treatise in the history of logic. Prior to Aristotle persuasive communication - rhetoric - was generally understood as appeals to emotion, in which seeming to be right and winning the argument were more important than the truth.

Ayn Rand and the History of Ethics (MP3 download)

Can reason prescribe the ends human beings should seek in life, as well as the means to those ends? This has been a central question in the history of ethics, and it is also a central question in Ayn Rand's Objectivist ethics. This lecture explores Ayn Rand's view on this question, bringing out its distinctive and important features and contrasting it with some of...See More

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