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Individual Rights and the Founding of America (MP3 download)

The United States is historically unique in attempting to place the principle of individual rights at its foundation. These two lectures, focusing on Thomas Jefferson, examine the Founders' grasp of the principle and its implications.

Inspiring Heroes: Andrew Carnegie-Self-Made Wealth and Self-Made Soul (MP3 download)

Andrew Carnegie arrived in America as a destitute immigrant in his youth, and rose to become the richest man in the world by the turn of the 20th century. We'll examine the character, beliefs and actions which led Carnegie to rise from abject poverty to spectacular wealth, ultimately playing a key role in remaking the American economy.

Inspiring Heroes: Great Leaders - Frederick Douglass: From Chattelhood to Manhood, From Slave to Intellectual Leader (MP3 download)

The compelling story of Frederick Douglass, a key abolitionist is revealed in this lecture. Born a slave, Douglass managed to educate himself, grasp the principles and ideas that allowed slavery to succeed in America, identified the way to liberate himself at a very early age, and not only freed himself but achieved great success. His benevolent and reasoned...See More

Inspiring Heroes: Pioneers - Lewis and Clark (MP3 download)

Lewis and Clark were more than just rugged adventurers - they were pioneering partners who combined their unique individual strengths to achieve greater heights together than they could have separately. How did Lewis and Clark lead this risk-fraught military expedition into the unknown and back with such success? In this lecture, Ms. Ghate tells the story of two...See More

James Jerome Hill: Empire Builder (MP3 download)

The Great Northern Railway was built without a penny of federal money and never went bankrupt. The listener will learn the story of James J. Hill and how he took a bankrupt railroad in Minnesota and built it into a transcontinental railroad to the Pacific Ocean. Hill built slowly, but profitably, across a desolate, inhospitable region, and turned it into the...See More

Joan of Arc: Schiller and Ayn Rand (MP3 download)

What did Joan of Arc mean to Ayn Rand—in history, in drama, in her personal life and in her writing? How do her fictional characters, including Dagny Taggart, resemble Schiller’s portrayal of Joan? A clue: In The Maid of Orleans by Schiller, the playwright whom Ayn Rand considered greater than Shakespeare, the heroic Joan of Arc is not burned at the stake.

Love and Philosophy: Aristotelian vs. Platonic (MP3 download)

Focusing on the contrasting conceptions of love held by Plato and Aristotle, Dr. Gotthelf maintains that a person’s view of love—and his romantic choices—is linked to his metaphysics. He argues that Platonic love and Aristotelian love represent two antithetical views of man and existence—and that a number of apparently different interpretations of love and sex are...See More

Magna Carta and Its 800-Year Legacy (MP3 download)

Eight hundred years ago, England’s nobles allied against the rapacious King John to restrain his excessive taxation and irresponsible attempts at foreign conquest. The alliance prepared a list of rules that John had to follow to regain their allegiance and maintain his throne. The “Great Charter” was the first significant step in a centuries-long odyssey toward the...See More

New Primitivism: Today's Attacks on Reason and Individualism (MP3 download)

The stagnant oppressiveness of the medieval era was the result of a philosophy that inculcated a primitive mentality—a mentality that cowered before the forces of nature and that obediently followed the dictates of mystical authorities.

Nothing Less than Victory

The goal of a war is to defeat an enemy's will to fight. But how this can be accomplished is a thorny issue. "Nothing Less than Victory" provocatively shows that aggressive, strategic military offenses can win wars and establish lasting peace, while defensive maneuvers have often led to prolonged carnage, indecision, and stalemate. (Hardcover; 368 pages)
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Panel: 2400 Years Young: A Celebration of Aristotle’s Philosophy (MP3 download)

In celebration of the 2400th anniversary of Aristotle’s birth, a panel of Objectivist Aristotle-scholars (James Lennox, Robert Mayhew, Gregory Salmieri and Aaron Smith) will discuss the essence and excellence of Aristotle’s philosophy, its relationship to Objectivism and its positive impact in recent decades on ethics, metaphysics and philosophy of science.

Philosophical Origins of Marxism (MP3 download)

Although Marxism as a political system has now been widely repudiated, it remains an intellectual force in the universities. These classes examine Marxism as a secular version of the Judeo-Christian redemption saga. (Audio; 3 hrs., 56 min.)

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