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The Battle over Reason in the Islamic World (and How It Was Lost) (MP3 download)

Both the Islamic world and the medieval West went through periods of intense interest in Greek philosophy, and especially in the works of Aristotle. Yet whereas the West ultimately experienced a Renaissance, the East turned its back on reason and devolved into a culture of mysticism and coercion. The men behind this fateful turn, as well as the ideas that moved...See More

The Cause of Hitler's Germany

Self-sacrifice, Oriental mysticism, racial “truth,” the public good, doing one’s duty—these are among the seductive catchphrases that circulated in pre-Nazi Germany. Objectivist author and philosopher Leonard Peikoff was Ayn Rand’s long-time associate. In The Cause of Hitler’s Germany—previously published in The Ominous Parallels—Peikoff demonstrates how unreason...See More
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The Crisis of Principles in Greek Mathematics (MP3 download)

"By the end of the Golden Age of Greece, mathematics had become man's most highly developed science; but recent developments had undermined confidence in the validity of its foundations. Greek mathematics stagnated until two inventions by the brilliant Eudoxus (a new theory of proportions, and the method of exhaustion) resolved the foundations crisis and enabled...See More

The Foundations of the Renaissance (MP3 download)

The Renaissance was one of the greatest periods of Western civilization. It was, in one sense, however, an accident. None of the Christian Scholastics who tried to integrate Aristotelian philosophy into the Church planned for the secular achievements that would follow.

The Government’s Role in the Great Depression (MP3 download)

Instead of being proof of the inherent instability of capitalism, as is often claimed, the Great Depression was largely the result of mistaken government policies, including misguided attempts to “economize” on gold, policies aimed at keeping wage rates from declining, and Treasury’s sterilization of gold inflows. The combined effects of these and other policies...See More

The Greco-Persian Wars (MP3 download)

In 480 BC the Persian King Xerxes invaded Greece, intending to force the Greeks into slavery. Against terrifying odds they rallied, destroyed the king's navy, routed his army, and permanently ended four generations of aggression in one year. The course will unveil the main events of these wars, but also the philosophical reasons behind them. The Persian demand for...See More

The History of America - Part 1: Prelude to the Revolution, 1607-1763 (MP3 download)

In this course Dr. Daniels explains American history prior to the Revolution. The focus of the material is on the major ideas and events that shaped America in the colonial period. Topics covered include Bacon’s Rebellion, the Great Awakening, the Salem Witch Trials, the Enlightenment, the French and Indian War, and more. (Audio; 6 hrs., 25 min., with Q & A)

The History of America - Part 2: Making a New Republic, 1763 - 1836 (MP3 download)

This course tells the story of how the American colonies liberated themselves from British colonial rule and founded a new nation unlike any other in human history.

The History of America - Part 3: Expanding and Securing the Union, 1836-1877 (MP3 download)

This course tells the story of how the United States expanded both geographically and economically in the middle of the 19th century, becoming the leading nation in the Western Hemisphere. (Audio; 5 hrs., 11 min., with Q & A)

The History of America - Part 4: The Industrial Republic, 1877-1920 (MP3 download)

These lectures trace America's emergence as a modern, industrialized nation. The United States underwent dramatic economic and philosophic changes in this era. Amidst growing material wealth, leading intellectuals embraced ideas opposed to American freedom and prosperity. How did these philosophic changes affect American life? What ideas caused Progressivism? What...See More

The History of America - Part 5: Modern America, 1920-1975 (MP3 download)

This course surveys the major developments in American history during the twentieth century. It examines the prosperity of the 1920s and contrasts that with the explosion of government regulations that came in the wake of the Great Depression and the New Deal. The course illustrates how, in the postwar period, trends in the 1950s and 1960s led to a collapse of the...See More

The History of Ancient Greece (Part 1): The Archaic Period (MP3 download)

Archaic Greece marked the emergence of Greek culture and set the stage for the intellectual revolution of the later classical period. The rise of hundreds of autonomous city-states spread Greek culture across the Mediterranean. Political leaders, poets and other intellectuals brought independence, heroism and a respect for wisdom to the cultural forefront. The...See More

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