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Topics in Intellectual Property: The Computer and Biotech Revolutions (MP3 download)

The patent system made possible the biotech and computer revolutions, because it secured to innovators their intellectual property rights. The course canvasses the history of the technological and legal developments, showing how courts used objective legal principles to identify what new values should be secured as property rights, such as extending patent...See More

Toward a Society of Privacy (MP3 download)

In The Fountainhead Howard Roark said, “Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy.” In this course, Dr. Peikoff discusses the nature of privacy and its contribution to a flourishing life. She then contrasts existing legal protection of privacy with an approach to privacy protection based on our rights to property and contract, demonstrating, by...See More

USS Constitution (MP3 download)

The USS Constitution, the oldest ship of the U.S. Navy, is the product of a chain of events linked to her namesake. The listener will learn of those events, of the men who championed the ship's brilliant design, and of the great captains who commanded her while executing the strategy of forward deployment that won everlasting fame for the U.S. Navy and access for...See More

Vanderbilt and American Free Enterprise (MP3 download)

The history of American business in the 19th century is an inspiring story of accomplishment and innovation. This lecture examines the life and achievements of one of America's great businessmen of that era: Cornelius "Commodore" Vanderbilt. (Audio; 94 min., with Q & A)

What About Sweden? (MP3 download)

As proponents of laissez-faire capitalism, we routinely encounter the question: “What about Sweden?” Sweden is perceived by many as the ideal welfare state, in which everything “just works.” Consequently, it has served as a source of inspiration for the Left. For the same reason, it has left many defenders of capitalism perplexed or demoralized. Why? Because the...See More

What Everyone Can Do to Promote Freedom (MP3 download)

The struggle for individual rights is an intellectual one, primarily philosophic. A part of the struggle, therefore, is: What can everyone do to promote Ayn Rand’s books and ideas? But to be an effective activist, basic knowledge of economics and history are essential. What are a few good books the intelligent layman can master regarding economics and an accurate...See More

World War One: A Watershed in World History (MP3 download)

This talk was recorded at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.

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