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The Law in Ancient Greece and Rome: An Examination of Primary Sources (MP3 download)

The ancient Greek and Roman attempts to order relationships through deliberation rather than force led to important principles of law that have influenced men throughout history.

The Politics of Pretend — and Its Impact on the Legal System (MP3 download)

This lecture explains the way in which contemporary political culture undermines the pillars of an objective legal system. It demonstrates how, in addition to misguided premises and ideals, certain prevalent thinking habits are steadily eroding individual freedom.

The Smartphone War and “Patent Trolls”—What They Mean to You (MP3 download)

There are widespread complaints today that the “patent system is broken” and that the “smart phone wars” and “patent trolls” are killing innovation. Yet patented innovation has revolutionized our lives today—tablet computers, smart phones and antiviral drugs are just a few of these modern marvels. How to make sense of this contradiction? This talk answers that...See More

Unions and Business Regulations (MP3 download)

This panel discussion with Tom Bowden, Michael Leven and Edwin A. Locke was delivered at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2014 in Las Vegas.

Freedom of Speech in the Roberts Court (MP3 download)

Freedom of speech seems always to be under attack from campaign finance laws, hate speech laws, and others. Surprisingly, though, the Supreme Court in recent years has repelled many of the attacks on this right and even gained back vital protections that we have lost. This course examines the underlying premises of those attacks and explores the court decisions that...See More

Toward a Society of Privacy (MP3 download)

In The Fountainhead Howard Roark said, “Civilization is the progress toward a society of privacy.” In this course, Dr. Peikoff discusses the nature of privacy and its contribution to a flourishing life. She then contrasts existing legal protection of privacy with an approach to privacy protection based on our rights to property and contract, demonstrating, by...See More

History of the Supreme Court (Part 2): Laissez-Faire Constitutionalism? (MP3 download)

This course reviews the history of the Supreme Court and its major decisions from the Reconstruction period through the 1920s. It covers major economic regulation and the role of the Bill of Rights in Supreme Court decisions.

Topics in Intellectual Property: The Computer and Biotech Revolutions (MP3 download)

The patent system made possible the biotech and computer revolutions, because it secured to innovators their intellectual property rights. The course canvasses the history of the technological and legal developments, showing how courts used objective legal principles to identify what new values should be secured as property rights, such as extending patent...See More

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