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Government Medicine and the Assault on Human Life (MP3 download)

This lecture shows why government control of medicine violates the nature of man on the deepest philosophical levels, and why bureaucratic rule will necessarily destroy the practice of medicine. A patient facing a life-threatening disease depends upon the goal-directed, reality-focused actions of doctors. Government control of medicine undercuts every doctor’s...See More

Infectious Diseases and National Security (MP3 download)

This talk will discuss the intersection of infectious disease emergencies and national security, with special attention to the speaker’s experiences with the ongoing Ebola and measles outbreaks as well as bioterrorism and biowarfare. The talk will also address the field of public health, delineating the proper role of government as well as the role of experts in...See More

Medicine: The Death of a Profession (Booklet)

The case against government intervention in medicine.

Panel Discussion on Obamacare Decision (MP3 download)

In 2012 the Supreme Court surprised most observers by upholding Obamacare’s individual mandate, not as a regulation of commerce, but as a tax. Is Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the decision, a traitor to the Constitution or a clever conservative strategist? Panelists, which include Yaron Brook of ARI, surgeon Dr. Peter LePort, Richard E. Ralston of ARI and...See More

Understanding the Arguments for Universal Health Care (MP3 download)

Universal health care, a system in which the government guarantees each citizen a certain level of medical care, is considered by many an ideal. In countries that have it, medicine is said to be cheaper, of better quality and more fairly distributed. This talk explains the alleged ideal of universal health care and then challenges it.

Vaccination: An Essentialized History of an Essential Technology (MP3 download)

Amesh Adalja will discuss the history of vaccination with special attention to the heroic figures that developed this technology. Particular consideration will be given the chain of reasoning leading to the first vaccine, as well as how the germ theory of disease led to a plethora of vaccines that allowed humans to experience a rapid improvement in lifespan and...See More