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“Buy American” is Un-American (MP3 download)

This talk challenges the entire protectionist approach to foreign trade. Dr. Binswanger categorically rejects the view that it is “patriotic” to “buy American.” To the contrary, he argues, purchasing foreign goods when they are a better value is the patriotic act -- one that increases America’s economic power.

“What Can One Do?” (MP3 download)

Ayn Rand’s article “What Can One Do?” addresses the question of what an individual can do to effect philosophical change in the culture. Join Yaron Brook for this closing talk as he revisits Rand’s question in the context of Objectivist Movement 2.0.

”And I Mean It”—Taking Ideas Seriously (MP3 download)

Objectivists are committed to taking ideas seriously. This lecture seeks to deepen our grasp of all that that entails and reinforce why one should. By examining the major causes of people’s not taking ideas seriously—specific social, intellectual and motivational contributors—it particularly clarifies the proper way to apply principles in action. By correcting...See More

A Brief History of the Concept of Free Will (MP3 download)

Do we direct our own lives, or are we merely the pawns of forces beyond our control? How we answer this question makes a significant difference for our views about human nature, morality, and even politics. This course will survey the major developments in philosophers’ thinking about free will since the birth of Western philosophy.

A Culture’s Sense of Life—and Lessons for Cultural Change (MP3 download)

Ayn Rand believed that a culture, like an individual, has a sense of life. What does that consist of? How is it manifested? And of what significance is it? What are the major features of the contemporary United States’ sense of life, and how should a person use his awareness of this in the campaign for a better world? And in enhancing his own more personal...See More

A History of Philosophy: With Especial Reference to the Formation and Development of its Problems and Conceptions (Hardcover)

Authorized translation by James H. Tufts, Ph.D. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. "Windelband's book is - deservedly - one of the great classics on the subject; it is worth reading, not only as a superlative history, but also as a philosophic work of stature in its own right . . ." (Leonard Peikoff) (Hardcover; 726 pages)
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A Study of Galt's Speech (MP3 download)

"This is John Galt speaking" Thus begins Ayn Rand's explanation of her revolutionary philosophy, Objectivism - perfectly integrated into the plot of her greatest novel. This lecture course studies Galt's speech and integrates it with the rest of the story.

Abstraction From Abstractions (MP3 download)

This is an invaluable discussion of the core of Objectivist epistemology.

Aligning Your Subconscious Values with Your Conscious Convictions & Fueling Achievement with Objectivist Values (MP3 download)

These two classes, recorded at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2015 in Charlotte, NC, are now available together.

Altruism vs. Principles (MP3 download)

Altruists smear egoism as being a system of whim-worship, while they portray their own ethics as one that is based on firm principle. But the opposite is true. It is altruism that repudiates moral principles - not merely principles of egoism, but principles as such. This talk shows how the enshrinement of need as the standard is actually the enshrinement of...See More

America's Future (MP3 download)

In this audio recording of a 1980 interview, Ayn Rand discusses cultural trends, the future of freedom in America, and why she intended to abstain from voting in the upcoming presidential election pitting Jimmy Carter against Ronald Reagan. Rand also discusses the Libertarian movement, abortion, the Iran hostage crisis, the propriety of boycotting the 1980 Winter...See More

An Objectivist Question Period (MP3 download)

With perspicuity and wit, Dr. Binswanger answers a vast range of questions on Objectivism and its applications. Topics addressed include issues in: psychology; politics; ethics; free will; child-rearing—and even his own writing plans.

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