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The Menace of Pragmatism: How Aversion to Principle Is Destroying America (MP3 download)

Dr. Tara Smith explains what pragmatism is and the countless ways it is manifested across the cultural spectrum. She analyzes the major elements of pragmatism’s appeal as well as its fundamental errors. Dr. Smith also surveys the vast damage that pragmatic methods inflict, damage that is spiritual as well as material. Finally, the lecture considers the most...See More

The Metaphysics of Consciousness (MP3 download)

In these three path-breaking lectures, Dr. Binswanger uses the distinction between the what (the object) and the how (the means) of consciousness as the framework for presenting a causal perspective on awareness.

The Moral and the Practical (MP3 download)

A crucial error in ethics is to pit the moral against the practical. What are some of the sources of this error? What are some of its existential manifestations?

The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Could everything we know about fossil fuels be wrong? For decades, environmentalists have told us that using fossil fuels is a self-destructive addiction that will destroy our planet. Yet at the same time, by every measure of human well-being, from life expectancy to clean water to climate safety, life has been getting better and better. How can this be? The...See More
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The Objective vs. the Intrinsic and the Subjective (MP3 download)

The dismal state of today’s culture stems from the absence of a genuine concept of objectivity. In this two-part lecture Dr. Binswanger asks: What facts of reality give rise to the need for such a concept, and what do these facts imply for the proper use of concepts? He then applies the objective-intrinsic-subjective trichotomy to explain and correct the major...See More

The Objectivist Forum (Hardcover)

Editor: Harry Binswanger. Consulting Editor: Leonard Peikoff. This superb journal of Objectivism was published bimonthly from 1980 through 1987. Ayn Rand helped establish it and served as its philosophic consultant until her death in 1982. (Hardcover; 790 pages)
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The Objectivist Virtue of Selfishness (MP3 download)

An introductory overview, contrasting the morality of self-interest with the morality of altruism. An examination of the actual meaning of the concept "selfish" and of the distorted interpretations it is commonly given.

The Philosophic Corruption of Physics (MP3 download)

"Mr. Harriman's understanding of the integration of physics and philosophy is unique and his presentation is clear, logical, well-illustrated and even emotionally powerful ... It is a brilliant case study of the role of philosophy in perverting a science across centuries - and at the same time a revolutionary indication of how to untangle and reconstruct this...See More

The Philosophical Basis of a Woman's Right to Abortion (Booklet)

This talk is an unequivocal defense - on philosophic grounds - of the moral right to abortion.This hard-hitting talk will unsettle both conservatives and liberals. (Booklet; 17 pages)

The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant (Part 1): Kant's Theoretical Philosophy (MP3 download)

This course presents the historical context in which Kant developed his metaphysics and epistemology, and explains his most important ideas. Through the analysis of both the content and the methodology of his mature philosophical system, students will become acquainted with the essential elements and spirit of Kant's "critical" philosophy of Transcendental Idealism...See More

The Philosophy of Immanuel Kant (Part 2): Kant’s Moral Philosophy (MP3 download)

This course examines key conceptual elements of Kant’s moral philosophy, such as duty, autonomy, respect for the moral law vs. self-love, and the categorical imperative as well as their close relationship to his views on faith and the freedom of the will. This is the second course in a series on Kant’s philosophy.

The Philosophy of Romanticism vs. Science (MP3 download)

Mr. Harriman shows that romanticism's impact on German science was widespread and devastating in the early 19th century. (MP3 download; 113 min., with Q & A)

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