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Viable Values: A Study of Life as the Root and Reward of Morality (Softcover)

Dr. Smith, a professor of philosophy at the University of Texas, has written an unequivocal defense of Ayn Rand's ethics. More precisely, this is a defense of Ayn Rand's metaethics - the foundation for values as such. (Softcover; 205 pages)
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Virtues or Vices? Kindness, Generosity, Charity (MP3 download)

A thorough understanding of the Objectivist ethics requires digesting not only the major virtues that Ayn Rand identified, but the implications of rational egoism for other types of action traditionally praised as virtuous. This lecture will consider three such conventional virtues: kindness, generosity and charity.

Volition as Cognitive Self-Regulation (Booklet)

What is the nature of free will? In this superbly written essay, Dr. Binswanger examines the biological function of consciousness, as he shows how the distinctive nature of man calls for the deliberate, "volitional" turning on of one's consciousness. (Booklet; 31 pages)

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway vs. Ken Lay's Enron: A Tale of Two Philosophies (MP3 download)

The Enron bankruptcy was one of the worst disasters in business history. Dr. Locke discusses the philosophical failures that were the deepest cause of the business failure especially the faulty epistemology and morality, which were the result of the philosophy of pragmatism.

What Are We Cheering? Sport and the Value of Valuing (MP3 download)

Many people dismiss sport as “only a game,” while others defend sport as a training ground for virtues. This lecture calls attention to a different facet of sports’ attraction: what sport reveals about the nature of value. It argues that sport illuminates important aspects of how to value, the point of valuing and the propriety of valuing. Indeed, the experience of...See More

What Everyone Can Do to Promote Freedom (MP3 download)

The struggle for individual rights is an intellectual one, primarily philosophic. A part of the struggle, therefore, is: What can everyone do to promote Ayn Rand’s books and ideas? But to be an effective activist, basic knowledge of economics and history are essential. What are a few good books the intelligent layman can master regarding economics and an accurate...See More

What Might Be and Ought to Be (MP3 download)

Aristotle says in the "Poetics" that fiction is of greater philosophical importance than history, because history represents things only as they are, while fiction represents them as they might be and ought to be. Ayn Rand calls this "the most important principle of the esthetics of literature" and, more personally, "the rule of my life work." In this lecture,...See More

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