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Free Will, Free Speech, Free Borders, Freedom in the Middle East (MP3 download)

Philosophy is often disparaged as an ivory tower pursuit that makes no difference in the real world. But if you know how to look, you can see its influence everywhere. This recording includes three short talks on free will and its applications.

General Questions & Answers (MP3 download)

Dr. Binswanger masterfully answers questions on a broad range of issues, including: whether parents have a legal obligation to send their children to school; the meaninglessness of the idea of human “instincts” -- in sex and elsewhere; the irrationality of the “Bell Curve” approach to race and intelligence; and how to undo bad psycho-epistemological habits.

Heroes and Hero Worship (MP3 download)

This lecture analyzes the nature of heroism and its vital role in human life. It defines “hero” and “heroism,” not in accordance with conventional usage or dictionary definitions, but by application of rational philosophic principles—thereby identifying the essential characteristics of these concepts.

How Does Objectivity Apply to the Law? (MP3 download)

This lecture will clarify objectivity itself—not in epistemological detail, but in application to everyday living—and then chart its requisites for a proper legal system. We will see how the function of government sets the terms for the just exercise of state power and how confusions about objectivity result in its corruption.

How Goes the Battle? (MP3 download)

Since the publication of Atlas Shrugged, Objectivism has been engaged in an epochal battle with the Kantian philosophy of the intellectuals and its cultural manifestations.

How to Dissuade an Altruist (MP3 download)

What basic premises condition a belief in the virtue of sacrifice and the evil of selfishness? More important, what is the hierarchical order in which we must address and refute those premises when trying to dissuade the altruist? This lecture discusses the altruist’s mistaken context of knowledge in four crucial areas: altruism and benevolence; selfishness and...See More

How to Think Long Range (MP3 download)

This talk describes various means by which people can enhance their ability to think and act long range. The core requirement is to integrate the future with the present. Useful techniques include: tying short-term goals to longer-term goals, prioritizing, using role models, tracking progress, writing down goals and plans, evaluating your pleasures, tying goals to...See More

How Understanding Your Emotions Helps You Think and Act Logically (MP3 download)

For an egoist, there is no inherent conflict between reason and emotion. However, emotions can disrupt and interfere with cognition. This course explains how to deal effectively with disruptive emotions, including how to use the information contained within them to advance a logical thinking process without overloading or paralyzing thought.

How We Know

Can man achieve rational certainty, or is he doomed to perpetual doubt?
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In Defense of Selfishness: Why the Code of Self-Sacrifice Is Unjust and Destructive

There is one central, non-controversial idea we’re taught about morality—that self-sacrifice is a virtue. What if it’s wrong? From childhood, we are told that serving the needs of others, rather than our own, is the essence of morality and the way to achieve social harmony. To be ethical—it is believed—is to be altruistic. Even questioning this notion is regarded...See More
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Integration by Essentials (MP3 download)

Cognitive integration is the key to human knowledge. This talk examines the key to integration: the identification of essentials.

Introduction to Logic (Hardcover)

First published in 1906, this is a very advanced and very brilliant work on the philosophy of logic, in the Aristotelian tradition. (Hardcover; 608 pages)
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