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The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 5, No. 03) [PDF]

Vol. 5, No. 3, contains the following: “Voluntary Servitude”: Congress attempts to compel “voluntary service”—as payment for living in a free country. This issue also contains short notes. Publication date: November 17, 1989

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 5, No. 04) [PDF]

Vol. 5, No. 4, contains the following: “Lithuania’s Plight”: The betrayal of Lithuania for the sake of Soviet “stability.” “The Rushdie Surrender”: Craven helplessness (with some exceptions) by America and the West in standing up to threats of censorship and murder from a medieval tyranny. This issue also contains short notes. Publication date: April 30, 1990

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 5, No. 05) [PDF]

Vol. 5, No. 5, contains the following: “Missing Principles on Iraq”: America’s compromising appeasement which encouraged Saddam Hussein’s brutality. This issue also contains short notes. Publication date: October 17, 1990

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 5, No. 06) [PDF]

Vol. 5, No. 6, contains the following: “A Final Announcement”: On TIA’s closing, and its re-opening in a new format. “U.S. Interests in the Persian Gulf”: The dichotomy between our clearly defined, successful military operations and our indecisive, self-contradictory foreign-policy goals in the Persian Gulf War. This issue also contains short notes. Publication...See More

The Islamic World and the West Today (MP3 download)

Is U.S. policy in the Middle East to blame for Muslim hostility toward the West? How should we respond to Muslim demands for instituting Islamic laws within the West? In addressing these questions, this course examines American policies toward Iran and Israel, and explores the nature and origins of the cultural clash between Europe and Muslims living there.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (MP3 download)

What is at the core of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Why has the conflict come to seem intractable? What if any is America's stake in it? By exploring key elements of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, this talk aims to make a forbidding, convoluted subject lucid.

The Jihadist Movement (MP3 download)

In Paris and Copenhagen, jihadists have gone on killing sprees. In the Middle East, the Islamic State rampages. Years after Bin Laden's death, the Al Qaeda network lives on. Iran's jihadist regime seeks to go nuclear. The jihadist menace persists. What animates it? What impact has the "war on terror" had on jihadists?

The Leadership Crisis and the Free Market Cure: Why the Future of Business Depends on the Return to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Hailed by Forbes magazine as “one of the most important books of the year,” John A. Allison’s breakout bestseller The Financial Crisis and the Free Market Cure came as a much-needed wake-up call at a time when capitalism itself was under fire. Now the award-winning CEO applies his vast experience and insight to unlocking the key to our long-term economic and...See More
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The Life and Legacy of James Madison (MP3 download)

This lecture examines the thought and career of one of America's most important Founding Fathers. James Madison entered public life as a young man, at the outset of the Revolution, and made important contributions to America's freedom for another sixty years.

The Neoconservatives - Friends or Foes? (MP3 download)

Architects of recent U.S. foreign policy, neoconservatives claim to uphold America's 'national interest,' which they argue should be defended militarily. But in fact neoconservatives reject the moral need to pursue only America's self-interest, and instead urge us to sacrifice ourselves in order to spread 'democracy' worldwide...

The New Abolitionism: On Separating School and State (MP3 download)

This talk denounces state-run education as destructive and incompatible with a free society. Dr. Thompson discusses the coercive and politicized nature of government schooling, relating disturbing anecdotes. He makes an impassioned call for the complete separation of school and state. Seeking to rally audiences opposed to state-run schools, he outlines a plan for...See More

The Politics of Pragmatism (MP3 download)

Under Bill Clinton, neo-liberal pragmatism now reigns in Washington. These two lectures discuss its meaning (and its conservative counterpart), and include an analysis of the views of Labor Secretary Robert Reich—a major economic advisor to Clinton.

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