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The History of England (Part 1): 1066-1215 (MP3 download)

What were the earliest roots of our parliamentary system? This course traces the early attempts of the English to rein in their monarchs. It identifies the significant legal and political reforms instituted by William I and his heirs that set England apart from other medieval nations, at the same time laying the foundation for English common law and a parliamentary...See More

The Incredible, Edible Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) (Part 1) (MP3 download)

From salmon, rice and bananas to corn, papaya and apples, the technology of genetic engineering has been improving the food we eat for over twenty years. Using our understanding of genetics, biologists have made precise and targeted changes to the genomes of plants to protect them from insects and weeds and to solve a myriad of other problems farmers have faced for...See More

The Inequality Debate (MP3 download)

There is an ongoing debate about inequality, and with the publication of Thomas Piketty’s book Capital, it has reached fever pitch. The left says it’s “the defining issue of our time.” The right says it’s not—thanks to all the income “redistribution”! What lies at the heart of the left’s campaign for equality? Why is the right so weak and defensive? What is the...See More

The Intellectual Activist

The author of these articles is Peter Schwartz. They were originally published in "The Intellectual Activist" (TIA) between 1979 and 1991. In converting the articles to works for sale, the Ayn Rand Institute has done only minimal formatting, retaining as much, if not all, of the flavor of the original piece as possible.

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 1, No. 01) [PDF]

“Deregulation Comes to Broadcasting”: the move to take away the FCC’s powers—and why the “consumerists” are opposed to it. This issue also contains a “Statement of Purpose.” Publication date: October 1, 1979

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 1, No. 05) [PDF]

“Standing Up to the FTC”: the FTC goes after businessman Joe Sugarman—who fights back and goes after the FTC. “Postscript to Herb Schmertz”: Mobil Oil’s vice president takes a leave of absence—to work on Edward Kennedy’s presidential campaign. Publication date: December 1, 1979

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 1, No. 06) [PDF]

“Subsidizing Ideas”: the advertising industry produces a tax-supported, “non-partisan” explanation of inflation. “Energy Mobilization Board”: government’s control over all energy production. “New Frontier for the FCC”: forcing broadcasters to devote a certain amount of air time to educating children. Publication date: December 15, 1979

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 1, No. 07) [PDF]

“Gasoline Rationing”: discouraging production and making the government the ultimate distributor of all gasoline. “Selectively Applied Rights”: the presumption of innocence for terrorists—and of guilt for businessmen. Publication date: January 1, 1980

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 1, No. 08) [PDF]

“Moscow Olympics”: the Soviet “cleanup” campaign for its Potemkinized Olympic Village. “Budget Balancing”: the virtues—and flaws of the balanced-budget movement. “Gold Standard”: the gold bandwagon gains political respectability. “Appeasement in Iran”: how U.S. foreign policy permitted an unarmed Iranian mob to capture a well-fortified American embassy. Publication...See More

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 1, No. 09) [PDF]

“FCC Shows Its Powers”: broadcasters discover how easily their licenses can be removed by the FCC. “Tests and Racism”: a suit to disqualify a police aptitude test because an insufficient quota of blacks passes it. “Progress Report”: an update on subjects covered in past issues of TIA. Publication date: February 15, 1980

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 1, No. 10) [PDF]

“Price Controls”: Support support for price controls grows—among people who oppose it in principle. “Paternalism of the FTC”: “protecting” the people from honest advertising. Publication date: March 1, 1980

The Intellectual Activist (Vol. 1, No. 11) [PDF]

“Carter’s Budget: Illusions and Realities”: There is more, and less, to the President’s budget that meets the eye. “The Draft”: The liberal-conservative coalition to revive military conscription. Publication date: April 1, 1980

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