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Aligning Your Subconscious Values with Your Conscious Convictions & Fueling Achievement with Objectivist Values (MP3 download)

These two classes, recorded at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2015 in Charlotte, NC, are now available together.

Battling Depression and Anxiety: Insights from Moral Philosophy and Clinical Science (MP3 download)

Depression and anxiety are among the most common and debilitating psychological disorders, largely because they undermine the very motivation needed to recover from them. This talk will integrate the empirical findings and therapeutic techniques of clinical psychology with Ayn Rand’s ethical insights—particularly her articulation of a value-based moral code grounded...See More

Bringing Out the Heroic in Yourself (MP3 download)

Ayn Rand said that "anyone who fights for the future, lives in it today." This course will help you to assertively and effectively defend your values with family members, classmates, coworkers, friends or in some public forum. We will also explore the personal benefits to you, for example, increased confidence, enhanced benevolent universe premises and a wider...See More

Emotions (MP3 download)

In these two impressive lectures, Dr. Binswanger presents and “chews” the Objectivist answers to the two basic questions: what are emotions and how should one treat them?

How Understanding Your Emotions Helps You Think and Act Logically (MP3 download)

For an egoist, there is no inherent conflict between reason and emotion. However, emotions can disrupt and interfere with cognition. This course explains how to deal effectively with disruptive emotions, including how to use the information contained within them to advance a logical thinking process without overloading or paralyzing thought.

Making Your Life Happier By Making the Conscious and Subconscious Work Together (MP3 download)

This course shows how attaining a better understanding of the relation of the conscious and subconscious enables you to achieve greater happiness. In the realms of work and career, this course shows how to identify the primary source of pleasure, and how to integrate that with other job aspects.

Panel titled "Interesting Trends in Contemporary Psychology" (2015) (MP3 download)

This panel was recorded at the 2015 Objectivist Summer Conference in Charlotte, NC.

Romance: Bringing Love and Sex Together (MP3 download)

How do you make your romantic relationship thrive? You cannot rely on feelings alone but must actively think about how to enhance the relationship. This course covers: the visibility principle, understanding your partner, encouraging your partner to pursue values, making your partner feel loved, joint decision-making and more...

Setting Goals to Improve Your Life and Happiness - Part 1 (MP3 download)

Dr. Locke closely examines such issues as: Goal-setting in work and in romance; the integration of short-term and long-term goals; "feedback charts" and other devices for monitoring one's progress; the need for well-defined objectives; and how to make difficult goals achievable.

Setting Goals to Improve Your Life and Happiness - Part 2 (MP3 download)

This course is a major expansion of a talk by the same title given in 1985, focusing in depth on the topics of work and love.

Special Topics in Introspection (MP3 download)

Building on Dr. Locke's previous course, "The Art of Introspection", this course deals with more complex issues that require introspection, such as why people cry at happy events, understanding complex emotions, understanding self-doubt and building confidence, sustaining one's motivation and character in today's world, seeking pleasure, and the proper meaning of...See More

Stress and Coping: An Inductive Approach (MP3 download)

Stress is an element of life which everyone encounters and must deal with. This course provides a theoretical and practical approach to the subject.

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