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Study Methods & Motivation: A Practical Guide to Effective Study (Softcover)

An unusually helpful tool for the serious student, this book offers a concrete program for improving study skills by isolating the two fundamentals of successful studying: proper thinking methods and proper motivation. (Softcover; 183 pages)

Taking Responsibility for Your Happiness: Insights from Contemporary Psychology (MP3 download)

The life of a creature without free will is determined by factors outside its control, so it is not responsible for what it does or what becomes of it. But because human beings have free will, the shape our lives take is up to us. True, we are born into circumstances that are not of our own making, and there are facts of nature that we cannot change, but there are...See More

The Art of Introspection (MP3 download)

This is an introductory course on introspection. It deals with such topics as what introspection is, why it is important and why most people do not or cannot do it. The course presents seven principles to guide introspection and uses various exercises to develop introspective skills, including skill at identifying emotions, promoting self-esteem and understanding...See More

The Assault on Self-Esteem (MP3 download)

In this lecture Dr. Locke identifies the objective basis and critical psychological need of self-esteem, and examines four contemporary intellectual movements that - while sometimes claiming to build self-esteem - are working to destroy it.

The Selfish Path to Romance

Most people believe that finding love and making a relationship work involves sacrifice, and think that lasting passionate romance is the result of luck, chemistry, trial and error, or emotions of the moment. In the new book "The Selfish Path to Romance", psychologists Edwin Locke and Ellen Kenner argue just the opposite...
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Understanding the Subconscious (MP3 download)

Real-world success relies on making objective judgments, judgments which reflect the full context of your knowledge and values. To make conscious, considered judgments, you need to understand how your subconscious works and how to activate information from it. In this talk, you will learn the essential process for activating and validating information stored in your...See More

Changing Habits: Why It’s Hard, How to Do It (MP3 download)

This course presents techniques for changing dysfunctional habits, based on the key stages of change: precontemplation, contemplation, action (goals), techniques for change and dealing with setbacks. The theme of the course: habits rarely change by direct will power because they operate subconsciously, therefore change must be achieved indirectly—by following...See More

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