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Achilles, the Tortoise, and the Objectivity of Mathematics (MP3 download)

A proper theory of concepts is essential to any real understanding of the nature of mathematics. In this course, Dr. Corvini draws on Objectivist epistemology to offer a new identification of how mathematical concepts are related to physical concretes, and a new formulation of the concept of infinity. (Of interest to anyone interested in epistemology; no prior...See More

Aristotle as Scientist: A Proper Verdict (MP3 download)

Aristotle was a giant not only in the realm of philosophy, but in the field of science as well. His treatises, especially in biology, provided a model of proper scientific work for centuries. Dr. Gotthelf focuses on Aristotle’s biological studies and on his wider philosophy of science.

Battling Depression and Anxiety: Insights from Moral Philosophy and Clinical Science (MP3 download)

Depression and anxiety are among the most common and debilitating psychological disorders, largely because they undermine the very motivation needed to recover from them. This talk will integrate the empirical findings and therapeutic techniques of clinical psychology with Ayn Rand’s ethical insights—particularly her articulation of a value-based moral code grounded...See More

Charles Babbage: Induction in Computer Science (MP3 download)

Computers are everywhere: desktops, laptops, iPods, smart phones, gaming consoles, etc. Although different, they are constructed based on a single versatile design: the programmable computer. Becoming prevalent in the late twentieth century, the programmable computer was invented in the beginning of the nineteenth century by Charles Babbage—a major result of his...See More

Charles Darwin: More than "Just a Theorist" (MP3 download)

Evolution is often disparaged as being "just a theory." But this implies that Charles Darwin was "just a theorist" - that he was merely an armchair scientist and that his life's work was nothing more than an exercise in arbitrary speculation. This talk reveals the grave injustice of this accusation by exploring Darwin's life and pioneering work, focusing on the...See More

Creationism in Camouflage: The "Intelligent Design" Deception (MP3 download)

For decades creationists have sought to replace evolution with the book of Genesis. But defenders of evolution have consistently prevailed in the schools and the courts of law. This struggle for intellectual survival has led to the evolution of a new "species" of creationist, better adapted to its inhospitable environment. The new Creationism goes by the name...See More

From Sputnik to the Internet: Real Solutions for Reforming Science Education (MP3 download)

Sparked by frequent reports on the dismal state of Americans’ understanding of science, proposals abound for improving science education, keeping up internationally and promoting technological innovation. Why have such proposals not only failed but made things worse? This talk will review and evaluate the history of reform movements in science education, examining...See More

Global Warming: The Science, Politics and Philosophy (MP3 download)

Decades of environmentalist activism have entrenched in the general public a widespread belief in global warming; it is now widely assumed to be a proven scientific fact that human activity is causing an unnatural, catastrophic warming of the earth that will have devastating consequences for human life. This course explores the scientific claims advanced by...See More

Infectious Diseases and National Security (MP3 download)

This talk will discuss the intersection of infectious disease emergencies and national security, with special attention to the speaker’s experiences with the ongoing Ebola and measles outbreaks as well as bioterrorism and biowarfare. The talk will also address the field of public health, delineating the proper role of government as well as the role of experts in...See More

Physicists Lost In Space (MP3 download)

Throughout history, physicists have divided their attention between matter and a chimera called "space." Regarded as an existent independent of matter, space has been to physics what God has been to metaphysics: an invalid idea that undercuts the science at its foundation.

Scientific Method: Ptolemy vs. Galileo (MP3 download)

This lecture contrasts the deductive method of Ptolemy with the inductive method of Galileo. Mr. Harriman argues that Galileo pioneered the proper inductive method in physics.

Selected Topics in the Philosophy of Science (MP3 download)

Speaking as both professional philosopher and amateur scientist, Dr. Binswanger presents original and challenging solutions to a number of problems that have fascinated, tantalized and perplexed students of philosophy and science.

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