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Vaccination: An Essentialized History of an Essential Technology (MP3 download)

Amesh Adalja will discuss the history of vaccination with special attention to the heroic figures that developed this technology. Particular consideration will be given the chain of reasoning leading to the first vaccine, as well as how the germ theory of disease led to a plethora of vaccines that allowed humans to experience a rapid improvement in lifespan and...See More

The Inductive Way to Understand the Sky (MP3 download)

Since there are many celestial bodies that move in complex ways, most people believe that learning observational astronomy requires a tedious effort of memorization. In fact, the subject is fun to learn. The key is to grasp the observations in the correct order and in an integrated framework. This course gives you a new appreciation of the sky—and of principles of...See More

Spaceflight as It Was—and as It Ought To Be: Reviewing 50 Years of Manned Spaceflight (MP3 download)

In 2011 we celebrated the 50th anniversary of manned spaceflight, mankind’s greatest scientific and technological achievement. This lecture, given at Objectivist Summer Conference 2011, reviews and analyzes America’s 50 years of manned spaceflight—the achievements and failures—and examines the mixed premises that have derailed America’s manned space program. It...See More

Thomas Edison: Self-Made Inventor (MP3 download)

During his long, enormously productive career, Thomas Alva Edison brought into the world a plethora of life-enhancing values. What underlay Edison's legendary productiveness and dedication to his goals? This talk, which explores his career through 1884, aims to answer that question. (Audio; 92 min, with Q & A)

Two, Three, Four and All That: The Sequel (MP3 download)

This course continues Dr. Corvini's exploration of the objectivity of mathematics, tying together and building on ideas introduced in her earlier courses. The result is an integrated approach to number and infinity, and a solid basis for evaluating the modern theories of number that figure so prominently in modern philosophy and in popular attacks on reason.

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