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Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life Collector's Edition (DVD)

By Michael Paxton. Includes the complete filmed version of Ayn Rand's play, "Ideal". The first authorized film to look at the life and work of the Russian-born author. (DVD, 143 mins., B&W and Color, Widescreen Edition)
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Ayn Rand’s O. Henry—and Ours: Ingenuity, Optimism and Warmth (MP3 download)

The theme of this course is the distinctive and enduring literary achievement of O. Henry, whom Ayn Rand esteemed ever since she first read his fiction in Soviet Russia. We too—here and now—can savor his ingenuity, optimism and warmth.

Ayn Rand―A Writer is Born (MP3 download)

How did Ayn Rand, at nine, make the “great decision” to be a writer? First, she discovered an inspiring fictional hero: Captain Cyrus Paltons, mentally and physically unstoppable. Then, in the summer of 1914, she entertained her sisters by creating stories about chorus girls—and discovered her ability to invent exciting adventures. A writer’s career, she realized,...See More

Ayn Rand's Ethics: From "The Fountainhead" to "Atlas Shrugged" (MP3 download)

Ayn Rand originally envisioned "Atlas Shrugged" as a socio-political novel that would build on the ethical ideas of "The Fountainhead". But as she worked on "Atlas", she developed and revised her ethical thought in unexpected ways. This lecture explores how, and why, her ideas changed. Special attention is given to the pivotal role of "The Moral Basis of...See More

Ayn Rand's Home Atmosphere (MP3 download)

Who was Ayn Rand's family? Dr. Federman presents each family member as an individual who was important to her and whom you might like to meet. What were each person's interests, aspirations and convictions? What relationship did each of them have with Miss Rand? Dr. Federman allows you to hear these individuals speak for themselves as she reads excerpts from the...See More

Ayn Rand's HUAC Testimony (MP3 download)

In 1947, Ayn Rand testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), which was then investigating communist infiltration into the Hollywood movie industry. Why did she agree to testify as a "friendly witness"? What did she say to the HUAC—and what did she want to say?

Ayn Rand's Life: Highlights and Sidelights (MP3 download)

Ayn Rand embodied three extraordinary qualities: philosophic genius, heroic rationality and passionate man-worship.

Ayn Rand's Sacred Atheism (MP3 download)

At the age of thirteen, Ayn Rand decided she was an atheist. Her reason: “the concept of God is degrading to man.” One major form of this degradation is religion’s effect on genuine values, including sacred values. This idea is prominent in her early writings, and continues to be featured in The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, as well as in her nonfiction. This...See More

Ayn Rand's Unique and Enduring Contributions to Literature (MP3 download)

Drawing on the full range of Ayn Rand's work in fiction (including her earliest ideas, her writings about literature and the post-Atlas Shrugged novels she planned), this lecture shows how Ayn Rand dramatizes—in a stylized universe—powerful conflicts that actually matter and make sense. Her technique of "writing in tiers" allows her to provide significant values to...See More

Capitalism and Selfishness: Ayn Rand's Radical Code of Values (MP3 download)

This brief presentation of Ayn Rand's ethics and politics discusses the three revolutionary elements in her code of values and indicates how that code follows from her premise of man as a rational being.

Chicago Reach for the Stars: Chicago, Ayn Rand’s Gateway to America (MP3 download)

Chicago was Ayn Rand’s first home in the United States. After her initial stay in 1926, she returned to the city several times. In this general session talk, Shoshana Milgram discusses Ayn Rand’s visit with her American family, her systematic viewing of and evaluating of films and film stars, and the fruit of these experiences in her later life and brilliant work.

Facets of Ayn Rand

For the first time in book form, a portrait of Ayn Rand has been written by authors who have, not some ax to grind, but only a desire to do her justice. (Softcover; 154 pages)
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