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The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Our Age (Free MP3 download)

In this 1961 lecture, Ayn Rand argues that America’s intellectuals defaulted on their responsibility to understand and defend capitalism. In particular, Rand contends that intellectuals failed to grasp the source of businessmen’s productivity and the destructive effects of collectivist schemes implemented by physical force. By failing to uphold the value of...See More

The Moral Factor (Free MP3 download)

In honor of the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, Ayn Rand contrasts the Founding Fathers’ principled concern for individual rights with the unprincipled views of voters and candidates in the 1976 presidential election. Rand also dissects the evils of the welfare state, focusing on Sweden as its exemplar, and calls for Americans to observe the...See More

The Moratorium on Brains (Free MP3 download)

In this 1971 lecture delivered at Boston’s Ford Hall Forum, Ayn Rand examines President Nixon’s imposition of a nationwide wage and price freeze aimed at curbing rapid inflation. Drawing her title from a chapter in Atlas Shrugged, Rand outlines the perils of policies that stifle innovation and the contradiction of trying to revive a nation's economy by...See More

The New Fascism: Rule by Consensus (Free MP3 download)

In this 1965 talk at the Ford Hall Forum in Boston, Ayn Rand discusses the “anti-ideology” she calls “Government by Consensus,” explaining why America, “a country which does abhor fascism is moving by imperceptible degrees—through ignorance, confusion, evasion, moral cowardice, and intellectual default—not toward socialism or any mawkish altruistic ideal, but toward...See More

The Wreckage of the Consensus (Free MP3 download)

The evil of a military draft, and the political disintegration resulting from such "consensus" policies as the war in Vietnam. (1967)

What Is Capitalism? (Free MP3 download)

In this 1967 lecture, Ayn Rand argues that capitalism is the only moral social system—the only system which is consistent with man’s nature as a rational being, and therefore the only system that protects his ability to engage in the kinds of productive activities that his life and happiness require.
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