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Philosophy and the Real World Out There (MP3 download)

It is the brazen hallmark of the modern age not to debate the nature of reality; but to gleefully reject it. (1990)

Religion vs. America (MP3 download)

Dr. Peikoff discusses the profound irreconcilability between religion and the pro-reason philosophy upon which America was founded. (1986)

Some Notes About Tomorrow (MP3 download)

In this 1992 lecture, Leonard Peikoff offers a philosopher’s perspective on the collapse of the Soviet Union and explains why he thinks the Russians are unlikely to embrace capitalism and freedom. After discussing America’s ongoing trade war with Japan, Dr. Peikoff gives his thoughts on President George H.W. Bush and the upcoming 1992 presidential election.

The American School: Why Johnny Can't Think (MP3 download)

Alarmed at the state of American education, as indicated by plummeting test scores and the failure to keep up with other countries in math and science, philosopher Leonard Peikoff spent two weeks visiting the best schools in New York City searching for answers. In this 1984 lecture delivered at Boston’s Ford Hall Forum, Peikoff draws on his experiences and research...See More

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