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"Let Us Alone!"/The Structure of Government (MP3 download)

This download includes two radio broadcasts. In the first, Ayn Rand reads aloud three of her Los Angeles Times columns from the early 1960s. All three columns discuss different aspects of capitalism, and Rand offers brief analysis linking them together. In the second, a radio interview, Rand responds to questions about the structure and purpose of government,...See More

America's Future (MP3 download)

In this audio recording of a 1980 interview, Ayn Rand discusses cultural trends, the future of freedom in America, and why she intended to abstain from voting in the upcoming presidential election pitting Jimmy Carter against Ronald Reagan. Rand also discusses the Libertarian movement, abortion, the Iran hostage crisis, the propriety of boycotting the 1980 Winter...See More

Aristotle/Today's Intellectual State (MP3 download)

In this 1963 apperance on Columbia University’s campus radio station, Ayn Rand reviews Aristotle, a book by Columbia philosophy professor John Herman Randall, Jr. Praising its “concise, lucid presentation of Aristotle’s system,” Rand declares the book a “rare value,” despite its flaws. Throughout her review, Rand offers her own comments on various aspects of...See More

Art In Education (MP3 download)

In this lecture on ethics in education, Ayn Rand describes the role of Romantic art in a young person’s development of normative concepts and a “moral sense of life,” as well as the moral and psychological consequences of the disappearance of Romantic art from modern Western culture.

Capitalism vs. Communism (MP3 download)

In this 1961 lecture, delivered to the American Management Association, Ayn Rand contrasts the philosophy, history and outcomes of two different political-economic systems: capitalism and communism. Speaking specifically to businessmen, Rand outlines the most commonly heard arguments for capitalism and emphasizes that the only proper defense is a moral one. She...See More

Conservatism: An Obituary (MP3 download)

Ayn Rand described herself, not as a conservative, but as a radical for capitalism—and this 1960 lecture helps explain why. Conservatives, Rand argues, have proven themselves unable to defend the distinctive American ideology, which is capitalism, or to uphold freedom for the individual against the state. Conservatism’s “unbroken record of defeats, concessions,...See More

Faith and Force: The Destroyers of the Modern World (MP3 download)

In this talk on the role of philosophy in history, Ayn Rand argues that there is a basic contradiction built into Western culture, between reason and the morality of altruism. She identifies the philosophical connections between faith, altruism and rule by force—and between reason, self-interest and freedom. She goes on to relate the decline of the West since the...See More

Foreign Policy of a Mixed Economy/Rebellion at Columbia (MP3 download)

This mp3 download features two unrelated short talks by Ayn Rand: “The Foreign Policy of a Mixed Economy” and “The Rebellion at Columbia.” In the first talk, Rand discusses the contradictions in America’s foreign policy, and the connections between that policy and domestic pressure politics. In the second talk, Rand analyzes the violent student rebellion at...See More

Introducing Objectivism/"Conflicts" of Men's Interests (MP3 download)

This download includes two 1962 radio lectures. In the first Ayn Rand introduces her philosophy of Objectivism, laying out the basic tenets and explaining why “America and capitalism are perishing.” The second examines Rand’s claim that rational men have no conflicts of interests. Using the example of two men competing for the same job, Rand examines the...See More

Our Esthetic Vacuum (MP3 download)

In this 1962 radio lecture, Ayn Rand explains her theory of esthetics (the branch of philosophy concerned with art), discussing the role that art and literature play in human life. “Do not make the mistake of concluding that the purpose of art is education or enlightenment or propaganda, or any kind of narrow didactic message,” Rand observes. “Art is the expression...See More

Philosophy: Who Needs It - West Point Lecture (MP3 download)

In March 1974, Ayn Rand addressed the graduating class of the United States Military Academy at West Point. Her subject was the crucial importance of philosophy. In contrast to the widespread view that philosophy is an arcane subject fit only for coffee-shop debates, Rand argues that philosophy is an indispensable, practical science. Her answer to the implied...See More

The Art of Fiction (MP3 download)

In 1958, the year after Atlas Shrugged was published, a small group of aspiring writers and fiction lovers gathered in Ayn Rand’s living room for an informal course on literature. Over twelve recorded sessions, Rand discussed the craft of fiction-writing, including such technical issues as plot construction and development of one’s style—as well as topics related to...See More

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