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The Objectivist Ethics (MP3 download)

In this 1962 radio lecture, Ayn Rand reconsiders ethics from the ground up. Instead of asking “Which moral code should one adopt?” Rand starts by asking why man needs a moral code in the first place. Her thought-provoking answer to that question launches an intellectual journey that culminates with Rand’s discovery and definition of a new code of morality, based in...See More

The Sanction of the Victims (MP3 download)

This is an audio recording of Ayn Rand's final public talk, delivered in 1981 to an audience of businessmen. Here Rand discusses what she regards as a double injustice: the victimization of businessmen by anti-capitalist “humanitarians,” and the businessmen’s guilty appeasement of their own attackers. As an example, Rand points to the business world’s long-standing...See More

Two Radio Talks (MP3 download)

This download features two unrelated radio talks by Ayn Rand from the 1960s: “The Money-Making Personality” and “The Brain Drain.” In the first talk, Rand discusses the essential characteristics of people who achieve great success in business. In the second, Rand analyzes why England’s best and brightest citizens were reportedly choosing to leave the country, and...See More

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