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The Nature of Rights (MP3 download)

In this radio interview from the 1960s, Ayn Rand responds to questions about the nature of rights. Subjects addressed include Ayn Rand’s definition of rights popular misconceptions of rights such as the “right” to basic sustenance, the handicapped in a free society, and “public relief” in temporary emergencies.

The Press in a Free Society (MP3 download)

In this two-part radio interview from the 1960s, Ayn Rand responds to questions about the role of the press in a free society. Subjects addressed include the ethics of reporters, freedom of the press, the role of the press in criminal trials, and government licensing of media outlets.

The Psychology of Altruism/Selfishness as a Virtue (MP3 download)

This mp3 download features two separate Ayn Rand interviews. In “Psychology of Altruism,” Ayn Rand takes questions from a panel on the topic of altruism—the view that you must live for the sake of others and not for yourself. In “Selfishness as a Virtue,” Ayn Rand is interviewed by a radio host who challenges her to explain and defend her view that selfishness is a...See More

The Significance of the Goldwater Campaign (MP3 download)

This download includes two interviews bookending the 1964 presidential election between Barry Goldwater and Lyndon B. Johnson. The first interview, recorded just days before the election, features Rand’s view on the candidates and advice on how to vote thoughtfully. The second, recorded the week after the election, offers Rand’s analysis of the election and stresses...See More

The Simplest Thing in the World/Romantic Literature (MP3 download)

In the first recording on this download, Ayn Rand reads aloud her 1940 short story “The Simplest Thing in the World.” This first-person narrative by a writer struggling to fill a blank page dramatizes the influence of subconscious values on the creative process. In the second recording, a 1964 interview, Rand discusses romantic literature, the role of art in life,...See More

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