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Panel titled "Our Political Culture" (2015) (MP3 download)

This panel was recorded at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2015 in Charlotte, NC.

Q & A Panel on Foreign Policy and the State of the Culture (2005) (MP3 download)

Harry Binswanger, Yaron Brook and Peter Schwartz discuss and answer questions on the philosophical and moral issues related to foreign policy and the state of the culture. Recorded in July 2005 at Objectivist Summer Conference 2005.

Q & A Panel on Foreign Policy and the State of the Culture (2006) (MP3 download)

Panelists: Yaron Brook and Peter Schwartz. Moderated by Harry Binswanger. In this wide-ranging and illuminating panel discussion, Yaron Brook, Peter Schwartz and Harry Binswanger discuss the philosophical and moral issues related to foreign policy and the state of the culture. Topics include: America's current altruistic foreign policy and the need for a...See More

Q & A Panel on Objectivism and Economics (2004) (MP3 download)

Dr. Binswanger and Dr. Brook field questions on the philosophy of Objectivism, with particular regard to its application to issues in economics and business.

The Battle of Midway (MP3 download)

Only six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States Navy devastated a much more powerful Japanese naval force during the Battle of Midway. This clash was America’s first major victory in the Pacific and proved to be a turning point in World War II. In this dramatic and uplifting talk, Dr. Brook explains what made America’s success at Midway possible.

The Corporation (MP3 download)

In this course, Dr. Brook discusses the history and economics behind the rise of the modern corporation, explaining how this form of business organization made possible new heights of wealth creation. He explains why the corporation, despite its productive virtues, has been attacked as illegitimate and immoral since its inception. Finally, he discusses the popular...See More

The Financial Crisis: What Happened and Why (MP3 download)

Mainstream media and mainstream economists have blamed today's financial crisis on a failure of "free markets." This course sets the record straight. Dr. Brook describes the actual evolution of the crisis, from the government policies that gave rise to it to the unprecedented expansion of government control over the economy that has followed. He places special...See More

The Inequality Debate (MP3 download)

There is an ongoing debate about inequality, and with the publication of Thomas Piketty’s book Capital, it has reached fever pitch. The left says it’s “the defining issue of our time.” The right says it’s not—thanks to all the income “redistribution”! What lies at the heart of the left’s campaign for equality? Why is the right so weak and defensive? What is the...See More

The Morality of War (MP3 download)

Although America has waged two wars, in Afghanistan and Iraq, in as many years, the threats to our security persist. We face many more years of continuing military strife in the Middle East and elsewhere. Our military is awesomely powerful, but the moral guidance it receives from Washington is shockingly meek. What moral principles should guide a nation in war?

The Neoconservatives - Friends or Foes? (MP3 download)

Architects of recent U.S. foreign policy, neoconservatives claim to uphold America's 'national interest,' which they argue should be defended militarily. But in fact neoconservatives reject the moral need to pursue only America's self-interest, and instead urge us to sacrifice ourselves in order to spread 'democracy' worldwide...

The Rise and Decline of the State of Israel (MP3 download)

Israel has managed to survive 50 years of military attacks by its Arab foes; now it faces the troubling question of whether it can survive the "peace-seeking" offensives launched by its own leaders. In this illuminating lecture Dr. Brook explains how the philosophical foundations on which Israel was founded are leading that country down a suicidal path. He reveals...See More

The Rise of Totalitarian Islam (MP3 download)

In this course, Dr. Brook analyzes the origins and historical development of the ideology motivating Islamic terrorists: Islamic totalitarianism. He examines its foundation in Koranic teachings; its roots in the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt dating back to 1928; its expansion throughout the Middle East with the aid of Saudi oil money; its political triumph in...See More

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