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A Philosopher Looks at the O.J. Verdict (MP3 download)

In one of the most widely publicized trials in American history, former football star O. J. Simpson was acquitted in 1995 on charges of murdering his ex-wife and her friend. In this 1996 lecture delivered at Boston’s Ford Hall Forum, philosopher Leonard Peikoff argues that “the verdict, along with what led to it, reveals in stark purity the contradictions of our...See More

Religion vs. America (MP3 download)

Dr. Peikoff discusses the profound irreconcilability between religion and the pro-reason philosophy upon which America was founded. (1986)

Medicine: The Death of a Profession (MP3 download)

How government intervention in medicine is leading to the eventual unavailability of competent medical care in America.

Centenary Reminiscences of Ayn Rand (MP3 download)

In this presentation, recorded live at a February 5, 2005, banquet commemorating the centenary of Ayn Rand’s birth, Dr. Leonard Peikoff delivers a variety of anecdotes, both serious and humorous, from his longtime association with Rand. His remarks are followed by a question-and-answer period about Rand’s life and work.

America vs. Americans - Ford Hall Forum (MP3 download)

In this 2003 lecture, philosopher Leonard Peikoff relates the ideas on which America was founded to the dominant ideological trends in modern American culture. From its beginning, says Peikoff, America has stood for the ideals of the Enlightenment: reason, individual rights, capitalism, and the pursuit of happiness. Focusing on America’s response to the Sept. 11...See More

Poems I Like - and Why (MP3 download)

In this two-part lecture from 1999, philosopher Leonard Peikoff provides chapter and verse, or rather "rhythm and rhyme," on the value of poetry and its capacity for enriching one’s life. Encouraging listeners to “renounce their fear of poetry,” Peikoff reads aloud many of his favorites, by both well-known and anonymous poets, and includes a few of Ayn Rand’s...See More

Writing: A Mini-Course (MP3 download)

Learning to write, Dr. Peikoff explains, requires not only an understanding of the proper principles, but also the ability to apply those principles to one's actual writing. These lectures feature exercises on six different aspects of good writing.

Judging, Feeling and Not Being Moralistic (MP3 download)

These lectures offer an intensive analysis of the process of evaluative judgment. They apply the enormously abstract subject of morality to difficult cases. These lectures are invaluable guidelines for making moral decisions.

The Leonard Peikoff Show, Christmas 1998 Special Edition (MP3 download)

This unique recording of The Leonard Peikoff Show was made on Christmas Eve in 1998. Taken from a documentation recording from the studio control board, you'll hear the host and the producers discussing the show behind the scenes: what music to play, how to generate more callers, and more. On air, Dr. Peikoff discusses the news of the day as it relates to...See More

Certainty and Happiness: Achieving Success in Thought and Action (MP3 download)

Dr. Peikoff's analysis of the contrast between Objectivism's "philosophy of success" and the culturally dominant "philosophy of failure"; and the fundamental error shared by the enemies of certainty and of happiness.

Glossary of Objectivist Definitions (Booklet)

Additional entries by Leonard Peikoff and Harry Binswanger. (Edited by Allison T. Kunze and Jean F. Moroney) Have you ever wanted quickly to find Ayn Rand's definition of say, "axiom" or "racism" or the "crow epistemology"? This glossary now enables you to do so. (Booklet; 60 pages)

Unity in Epistemology and Ethics (MP3 download)

A detailed analysis and concretization of the principles that everything in the universe is interrelated, and that every item of knowledge is connected to every other. Other issues discussed include: how to write history and philosophy; the principle of two definitions; and the question: Is morality difficult or easy to practice?

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