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Analyzing Fiction: Hugo's The Man Who Laughs (MP3 download)

This course on The Man Who Laughs teaches the rudiments of literary analysis, including: how to determine a novel's theme; how to analyze characters, events and even descriptive details in order to see how they support the theme; what are the essential elements that make a story so dramatic; and how to understand the link between a fiction-writer's work and his...See More

Aristotle: Father of Romanticism (MP3 download)

Could there have been a Romantic school of art if not for the ideas of Aristotle? These three classes address this intriguing question.

Aristotle's Poetics: An Introduction for Objectivists (MP3 download)

Aristotle’s Poetics is one of the seminal works in the history of esthetics, and remarkably close to Ayn Rand’s literary esthetics in essentials. This course is an introduction to the Poetics, with an eye on its similarities to and differences from the Objectivist esthetics.

Ayn Rand’s O. Henry—and Ours: Ingenuity, Optimism and Warmth (MP3 download)

The theme of this course is the distinctive and enduring literary achievement of O. Henry, whom Ayn Rand esteemed ever since she first read his fiction in Soviet Russia. We too—here and now—can savor his ingenuity, optimism and warmth.

Ayn Rand’s Other Literary Treasures: The Hal Wallis Screenplays (MP3 download)

In the 1940s Ayn Rand wrote adaptations for Hollywood producer Hal Wallis. Dr. Federman tells the plots of these new treasures: adaptations “The Crying Sisters,” “You Came Along,” “Love Letters,” and “House of Mist,” as well as the original screenplay “Top Secret.” These screenplays bear the Ayn Rand stamp: unusual situations, great conflicts, passionately valuing...See More

Calumet "K" (Softcover)

Introduction by Ayn Rand. The story of an efficacious man. (Softcover; 136 pages)
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Discovering Great Plays

Based on a series of lectures by Leonard Peikoff and edited by Marlene Trollope, Discovering Great Plays provides the ability to understand, judge and savor the values offered by great drama. Plays discussed include: Antigone by Sophocles; Othello by Shakespeare; Le Cid by Corneille; Don Carlos by Schiller; An Enemy of the People by Ibsen; Saint Joan by Shaw;...See More
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Forgotten Delights: The Producers (Paperback)

Have you ever stood enthralled at the sight of someone - a photographer, a crane operator, a chef, a skier - doing a job superlatively well? The sight of such competence is refreshing, even inspiring. The figures who appear in this book are inspiring in the same way, but on a larger scale. Included: CD-ROM with 346 images of the sculptures, all but 2 in color....See More
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Gems of Drama (MP3 download)

In this course, Miss VanDamme analyzes three plays: The Browning Version, The Miracle Worker, and Inherit the Wind. Each play offers a concretized presentation of values held deeply by Objectivists (even if they contain philosophic errors).

Gems of Short Fiction (MP3 download)

One consequence of the decay of American education is that many adults have never been taught how to enjoy the classics of world literature. Consequently, they turn only to movies or popular fiction to satisfy their need for art. In this course, Ms. VanDamme analyzes some of her favorite classics of short fiction ("Boule de Suif," by Guy de Maupassant; "Spring...See More

Held for Orders (Hardcover)

Contains Spearman's best short stories, including one of the best short stories ever written, "Jimmy the Wind." (Hardcover; 358 pages)
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Hugo’s Ninety-Three (MP3 download)

The theme of Victor Hugo's "Ninety-Three", according to Ayn Rand, is "man's loyalty to values." This course examines Hugo's integration of plot and theme, his techniques of characterization and style, and his excision of the extraneous.

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