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The Principle of Drama (MP3 download)

Dramatic action is crucial to narrative literature of any form or school - and it arrests our attention even in real life.

The Style of Alfred Hitchcock: Films for the Focused Mind (MP3 download)

We will examine six classic films—The Thirty-Nine Steps, Young and Innocent, Shadow of a Doubt, Strangers on a Train, North by Northwest and To Catch a Thief—directed by Alfred Hitchcock, whom Ayn Rand described as an artist of stature, and as a Romanticist.

The Sublime Art: An Introduction to the Elements of Poetry (MP3 download)

In this course the fundamental elements of poetic art are discussed. Drawing examples from across world literature, the course examines how versification, meter, rhyme, poetic form, metaphor and simile constitute a poem's style and serve in the realization of its theme and mood. Included with the course are three helpful review exercises with answer keys to help the...See More

Toilers of the Sea

A gripping novel about the rescue of a shipwrecked engine by a lonely visionary named Gilliatt. (Hardcover; 384 pages)
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Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables: Valor in Defense of Values (MP3 download)

While preparing to write "The Fountainhead", Ayn Rand reread "Les Misérables" to study Hugo’s method of esthetic integration. In this course we will analyze the integration of plot, theme and style in Hugo’s masterpiece, with special attention to the way he shows that man is a being of self-made soul.

Whispering Smith (Hardcover)

Quoted from a review by "The Intellectual Activist": "The story of the death struggle between Whispering Smith and Murray a clash of titans." (Hardcover 421 pages)
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