Picture of Interview With Leonard Peikoff (MP3 download)

Interview With Leonard Peikoff (MP3 download)

By Leonard Peikoff


In 1991, Dr. Leonard Peikoff published his book Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, which he called “the definitive presentation of Ayn Rand’s philosophy—as interpreted by her best student and chosen heir.” In this 1992 radio interview, Dr. Peikoff discusses the book, answering several questions about Objectivism and about Ayn Rand. The subjects he discusses include:

  • What is Objectivism?
  • Man’s rights, America and capitalism
  • Virtue, the good, the foundations of ethics, and happiness
  • Why Rand never wrote a complete non-fiction treatise on Objectivism
  • Environmentalism, animal rights and homosexuality
  • Rand’s attitude toward others and her view of love
  • Dr. Peikoff’s view of Rand’s place in history

Recorded in 1992.

(MP3 download; 34 min., 24.71 MB)

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