Picture of What's Destroying Science: David Harriman Interview (MP3 download)

What's Destroying Science: David Harriman Interview (MP3 download)

By Leonard Peikoff


From 1995 to 1999, Objectivist philosopher Leonard Peikoff hosted a radio talk show, “The Leonard Peikoff Show.” In this January 1998 episode, Peikoff interviews philosopher of science David Harriman on the state of  twentieth century physics.

Looking back at the foundation laid down by Sir Isaac Newton in the seventeenth century, Harriman argues that this base has been slowly eroded by bad philosophical ideas, leading to the often strange-sounding theories of modern physics. Drawing from examples in quantum mechanics, relativity and cosmology, Harriman explains how philosophical misconceptions can prevent physicists from asking the right questions, designing illuminating experiments, avoiding dead ends, and eventually making scientific advances. He also discusses what is needed to get physics back on track.

In response to Peikoff and questions from the radio audience, Harriman discusses topics such as:

  • Wave particle duality
  • Schrödinger’s cat
  • Einstein’s theory of relativity
  • Length contraction and time dilation
  • Space and time
  • The big bang theory
  • Astronomical redshift
  • The theory of the “ether”
  • Probability theory in quantum mechanics
  • Science fiction stories, including Star Trek
  • Government funding of science
  • Global warming

(MP3 download; 39 min., 28.40 MB)

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