Picture of Defending Capitalism (MP3 download)

Defending Capitalism (MP3 download)

By Yaron Brook


Objectivists have long recognized the need to wage a long-term battle for a culture of reason. But Yaron Brook warns that unless we succeed in slowing America's descent into statism, there won't be a long-term. In this stirring call to action, Dr. Brook lays out the most critical ideas to inject into today's political debate.

Dr. Brook names four vital questions that defenders of capitalism must answer for Americans: What is capitalism? Does it work? Is it moral? What are the conditions under which capitalism can exist? This talk explains how to answer those questions convincingly, and addresses common mistakes Objectivists make in arguing for capitalism.

This talk was recorded at the 2010 Objectivist Summer Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

This content is currently available at no cost on Yaron Brook's BlogTalkRadio page: link.

(MP3 download; 90 min., with Q & A, 64.45 MB)