Picture of Ayn Rand's Philosophic Achievement (MP3 download)

Ayn Rand's Philosophic Achievement (MP3 download)

By Harry Binswanger


For the centenary of Ayn Rand's birth, these two lectures take stock of and summarize her immense achievement and philosophic legacy: the philosophy of Objectivism. Dr. Binswanger singles out for discussion six pivotal breakthroughs that form the core of Objectivism. Then he identifies the overarching conception that integrates these breakthroughs. The lectures include an analysis of Ayn Rand's philosophic methodology, the means by which she succeeded in solving the philosophic problems that have gripped—and stultified—philosophy for millennia. Placing Objectivism in historical perspective, Dr. Binswanger presents Ayn Rand's philosophic achievement as the completion of the work of Aristotle. (These lectures are based on Dr. Binswanger's article by the same title, which appeared in 1982 in his publication The Objectivist Forum.)

This course was recorded at the 2005 Objectivist Summer Conference in San Diego, CA.

(MP3 download; 2 hrs., 58 min., with Q & A, 127.93 MB)