Picture of Principled Leadership (MP3 download)

Principled Leadership (MP3 download)

By John A. Allison


A number of the critical problems we are facing today are the result of failed leadership in all types of organizations. In this talk, former BB&T chairman and CEO John A. Allison outlines how the Objectivist virtues are the foundation for principled leadership and organizational success. He discusses how a corporate philosophy based on Objectivism has been the fundamental source of BB&T's success, and shows how to communicate these virtues to audiences with a wide variety of backgrounds.

Objectivists will benefit from improving their understanding of how to use the virtues in their everyday lives, leading to their personal success and happiness. By grasping the practicality of the virtues, you will be able to better convey the importance of these principles to non-Objectivists.

Mr. Allison has made this presentation to more than 100,000 individuals, including BB&T employees, business and community leaders, and many college students.

This talk was recorded at the Objectivist Summer Conference 2009 in Boston, MA.

(MP3 download; 92 min., with Q & A, 65.78 MB)