Picture of Romance: Bringing Love and Sex Together (MP3 download)

Romance: Bringing Love and Sex Together (MP3 download)

By Edwin A. Locke and Ellen Kenner


"How to Make Love Thrive" focuses, in detail, on how to love your soul mate. According to Drs. Locke and Kenner, to keep vitality and the spark in a romantic partnership, one cannot rely on feelings alone but must actively think about how to enhance the relationship. Topics include: the visibility principle, understanding your partner, encouraging your partner to pursue values, constant communication, showing concern for your partner's welfare, showing generosity, encouraging joint decision-making and creating a positive emotional climate. All of this helps to produce emotional intimacy, the precondition of sexual intimacy.

"How to Enjoy Sex" focuses on creating the mood for sex, communicating about what each partner wants, prioritizing sex, afterplay and feedback, and avoiding subverters of sexual pleasure.

The instructors illustrate key principles by performing role-play dialogues, and participants are given exercises to enhance their ability to apply these skills to their own lives. The course is suitable for couples, including same-sex couples, and singles - anyone who wants to enhance a current relationship or acquire knowledge for a future one.

This course was recorded at the 2006 Objectivist Summer Conference in Boston, MA.

(MP3 download; 5 hrs., 54 min., with Q & A, 253.99 MB)