Picture of Teaching Values in the Classroom (MP3 download)

Teaching Values in the Classroom (MP3 download)

By Lisa VanDamme


Many educators believe a fundamental goal of lower education is to instill good values in children. Some advocate required courses in the "core values." Others believe the schools should be value-neutral, but should teach students to become "moral thinkers." Many take the worst of both approaches, encouraging children to make their own, arbitrary moral judgments within the confines of two absolutes: diversity and environmentalism. In this lecture Mrs. VanDamme discusses these theories of moral education and presents her own view regarding the proper place for values in a curriculum. She describes how she and the other teachers at her school lead their students to become strong, independent valuers.

This lecture was recorded at the 2003 Objectivist Summer Conference in Industry Hills, CA.

(MP3 download; 85 min., 68.33 MB)