Picture of Scientific Method: Ptolemy vs. Galileo (MP3 download)

Scientific Method: Ptolemy vs. Galileo (MP3 download)

By David Harriman


Within academia there is a great deal of talk about the history of science, but there is no acknowledgement of the contradictions between that history and prevailing theories of knowledge. The record of successes and failures in physics is a gold mine for epistemologists, yet the nuggets lay in the open - unseen.

This lecture identifies some of the nuggets by contrasting the deductive method of Ptolemy with the inductive method of Galileo. Mr. Harriman argues that Galileo pioneered the proper inductive method in physics.

This lecture was recorded at the 2004 Objectivist Summer Conference in Wintergreen, VA.

(MP3 download; 93 min., with Q & A, 66.59 MB)