Picture of The Voice of Reason

The Voice of Reason

By Ayn Rand


Edited and with additional essays by Leonard Peikoff.

Ayn Rand addresses topics as varied as a "fairness doctrine" for education, sexual psychology, and the values personified by Marilyn Monroe.

Leonard Peikoff addresses topics in education such as The American School: Why Johnny Can't Think.

Peter Schwartz addresses the topic of Libertarianism: The Perversion of Liberty.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Leonard Peikoff

Part One: Philosophy

1. Introducing Objectivism

2. Review of Aristotle by John Herman Randall, Jr.

3. To Young Scientists

4. Who Is the Final Authority in Ethics?

5. The Psychology of Psychologizing

6. Altruism as Appeasement

7. The Question of Scholarships

8. Of Living Death

9. Religion vs. America by Leonard Peikoff

Part Two: Culture

10. The Intellectual Bankruptcy of Our Age

11. Our Cultural Value-Deprivation

12. Global Balkanization

13. How to Read (and Not to Write)

14. The Lessons of Vietnam

15. The Sanction of the Victims

16. Through Your Most Grievous Fault

17. Apollo 11

18. Epitaph for a Culture

19. Assault from the Ivory Tower: The Professor’s War Against America by Leonard Peikoff

20. The American School: Why Johnny Can’t Think by Leonard Peikoff

Part Three: Politics

21. Representation Without Authorization

22. To Dream the Noncommercial Dream

23. Tax Credits for Education

24. Antitrust: The Rule of Unreason

25. The Pull Peddlers

26. About a Woman President

27. The Inverted Moral Priorities

28. Hunger and Freedom

29. How Not to Fight Against Socialized Medicine

30. Medicine: The Death of a Profession by Leonard Peikoff

31. Libertarianism: The Perversion of Liberty by Peter Schwartz

Epilogue. My Thirty Years With Ayn Rand: An Intellectual Memoir by Leonard Peikoff

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