Picture of Ayn Rand's Marginalia (Softcover)

Ayn Rand's Marginalia (Softcover)

By Ayn Rand


Edited by Robert Mayhew

Ayn Rand was convinced of the life-or-death importance of ideas. Consequently, every intellectual statement she encountered elicited a passionate response from her. When reading books or articles, she conveyed such responses, to herself, in the form of margin notes (or marginalia). Now, in this volume, they are conveyed to all.

These notes are not idle jottings, but a trove of serious, pithy observations—many on issues she never publicly addressed. In her inimitable approach to ideas, Ayn Rand typically takes a writer's statement, questions it, translates it, dissects it, explains its implications—and then demolishes it.

She comments on hundreds of selections from over 20 authors, from Ludwig von Mises to Friedrich Hayek to Bishop Fulton Sheen. (There is also a section of marginalia on Supreme Court decisions and on magazine clippings—including her response to a questionnaire called "What is Your Love Quotient?") Some of her subjects include: the irrationality of contrasting the "logically possible" with the "empirically possible"; the contradictions in von Mises' concept of "praxeology" and of value-free economics; how Henry Hazlitt's moral code corrupted his defense of capitalism; Barry Goldwater's "false dichotomy of freedom vs. life"; how liberals "distort Aristotle, the father of the U.S.A., into a totalitarian statist." Both her notes and the text to which they refer are contained in this intellectual gold mine.

Table of Contents



Part One: Philosophy

Aristotle, John Herman Randall

A History of Philosophy, vol. 1, Wilhelm Windelband

The Unity of Philosophical Experience, Etienne Gilson

Immanual Kant: His Life and Doctrine, Friedrich Paulsen

Communication, Organization, and Science, Jerome Rothstein

How to Think Creatively, Eliot Hutchinson

An Introduction to Philosophical Analysis, John Hospers

Three unpublished essays by John Hospers

The Abolition of Man, C. S. Lewis

Envy, Helmut Schoeck

Part Two: Economics

Human Action, Ludwig von Mises

Bureaucracy, Ludwig von Mises

The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayek

The Great Idea (Time Will Run Back), Henry Hazlitt

Part Three: Politics and Culture

This Little Band of Prophets, Anne Fremantle

Brainwashing in Communist China, Charles Hunter

Communism and the Conscience of the West, Fulton Sheen

The Conscience of a Conservative, Barry Goldwater

Ten Thousand Commandments, Harold Fleming

The Antitrust Laws of the U.S.A., A. D. Neale

The Language of Dissent, Lowell Mason

The Incredible Ivar Kreuger, Allen Churchill

Four Supreme Court Decisions

Newspaper and magazine clippings


(Softcover; 231 pages)