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The Ayn Rand Column

By Ayn Rand


During the last half of 1962, Ayn Rand was a weekly columnist for the Los Angeles Times. This book contains those 26 articles along with several other unanthologized and lesser-known pieces by her.

The following is from the Introduction: "Her perspective on the news is not that of the daily reporter, but that of the grand historian, whose time frame is the centuries and whose function is to explain the world by reference to universal truths. Whether she is scrutinizing Algeria's civil war or... Alger Hiss's appearance on television -- Ayn Rand always has something of enduring interest to communicate."

Table of Contents

Introduction by Peter Schwartz

The Ayn Rand Column

1. Introducing Objectivism

2. War and Peace

3. Progress or Sacrifice

4. The New Enemies of "The Untouchables"

5. An Intellectual Coup d’État

6. "The Cold Civil War"

7. Government by Intimidation

8. Let Us Alone!

9. Just Suppose

10. Through Your Most Grievous Fault

11. An Open Letter to My Readers

12. Mickey Spillane

13. "The Dying Victim of Berlin"

14. Ninety-Three

15. Blind Chaos

16. The Man-Haters

17. The Season of Platitudes

18. Our Alleged Competitor

19. Britain’s "National Socialism"

20. Nationalism vs. Internationalism

21. The Cuban Crisis

22. Post-Mortem, 1962

23. How to Demoralize a Nation

24. Freedom of Speech

25. The Munich of World War III?

26. Vandalism

Other Writings

27. Textbook of Americanism

28. The Fascist New Frontier

29. Modern Management

30. The Only Path to Tomorrow

31. The First Amendment and "Symbolic Speech"

32. The Secular Meaning of Christmas

33. Favorite Writers

34. Questions and Answers on Anthem

35. Why I Like Stamp Collecting


(Softcover; 129 pages)

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