Picture of Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution

Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution

By Ayn Rand


Introduction and three new essays by Peter Schwartz.

This expanded version of The New Left contains all of Ayn Rand's original material.

In the original edition, Ayn Rand named the intellectual roots of the New Left. Her articles ranged from a discussion of the fundamental goals of the student "rebellion," to an examination of egalitarianism in our "age of envy," to a dissection of the evils of "Progressive" education.

This new edition underscores the continuing relevance of Ayn Rand's analysis of the period. Now, Mr. Schwartz writes, "The trappings of the New Left are gone, but its substance has endured." The same "anti-industrial revolution" is being waged today—primarily in the form of two powerful movements: environmentalism and multiculturalism, which "are scions of the New Left, zealously carrying on its campaign of sacrificing progress to primitivism." Mr. Schwartz develops this theme of primitivism in each of his three essays: "The Philosophy of Privation," "Multicultural Nihilism" and "Gender Tribalism."

Read this book and discover how our culture is being slowly dragged back to the age of primitivism—and what needs to be done to establish the opposite: an age of reason, individualism and progress.

Table of Contents

Introduction by Peter Schwartz

Foreward to the First Edition

The Schools

The Cashing-In: The Student "Rebellion"

The Chickens' Homecoming

The Comprachicos

The Culture

Apollo and Dionysus

The "Inexplicable Personal Alchemy"

The Age of Envy

The Politics

The Left: Old and New

From a Symposium

"Political" Crimes


Global Balkanization

Gender Tribalism by Peter Schwartz

The Anti-Industrial Revolution

The Philosophy of Privation by Peter Schwartz

Multicultural Nihilism by Peter Schwartz

The Anti-Industrial Revolution

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