Picture of Journals of Ayn Rand

Journals of Ayn Rand

By Ayn Rand


Edited by David Harriman

Foreword by Leonard Peikoff

Ayn Rand was an endless fount of brilliantly original ideas. This book is a collection of her exploratory (and occasionally final) thoughts, from 1927 through the 1960s, on a variety of subjects. Journals includes her work on a movie she planned to write about the atomic bomb project—on The Moral Basis of Individualism, her first attempt at a systematic, non-fiction presentation of her ethics—on her notes for a post-Atlas novel titled To Loren Dieterling.

Leonard Peikoff writes in the Foreword: "One great pleasure in reading the book is to see hints of later discoveries mentioned at first casually, even parenthetically. . . . In terms of cognitive value to the reader, the new material alone in this volume warrants the price. It is new to me also. No matter how clear Objectivism is in my mind, every time I read another Ayn Rand book, it becomes clearer. This book is no exception."

Table of Contents

Foreword by Leonard Peikoff

Editor’s Preface

Part 1: Early Projects

Chapter 1: The Hollywood Years

Chapter 2: We the Living

Chapter 3: First Philosophic Journal

Part 2: The Fountainhead

Chapter 4: Theme and Characters

Chapter 5: Architectural Research

Chapter 6: Plot

Chapter 7: Notes While Writing

Part 3: Transition Between Novels

Chapter 8: The Moral Basis of Individualism

Chapter 9: Top Secret

Chapter 10: Communism and HUAC

Part 4: Atlas Shrugged

Chapter 11: The Mind on Strike

Chapter 12: Final Preparations

Chapter 13: Notes While Writing: 1947-1952

Chapter 14: Notes While Writing Galt’s Speech

Part 5: Final Years

Chapter 15: Notes: 1955-1977

Chapter 16: Two Possible Books


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