Picture of Objective Law (MP3 download)

Objective Law (MP3 download)

By Ayn Rand


For several years in the 1960s, Columbia University’s radio station WKCR hosted a program called “Ayn Rand on Campus,” featuring Rand and her associates lecturing and answering questions on a wide array of subjects.

In this interview, Rand responds to questions about the nature and purpose of law. She discusses the crucial differences between objective and non-objective law, the principles governing rules of evidence, capital punishment, the scope of judicial discretion, and preventive laws, among other subjects.

Here are Rand’s views on:

  •           Why the purpose of law is to establish principles of social conduct that respect individual rights;
  •           The crucial difference between objective laws, which are clearly defined and graspable, and non-objective laws, which lack specific definition and are open to arbitrary interpretation;
  •           How non-objective laws permit implementation of increasing controls over the economy;
  •           The range of discretion that can properly be allowed to judges;
  •           Ignorance of the law as a defense against criminal charges;
  •           The invalidity of “preventive” laws;
  •           The standards by which rules of evidence are to be established;
  •           The problem of capital punishment
  •           The injustice of contradictory laws;
  •           How the law applies to children and the insane.

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