Picture of Essays on Ayn Rand's "Anthem"

Essays on Ayn Rand's "Anthem"

By Ayn Rand


Edited by Robert Mayhew. 

In this first book-length study of Ayn Rand's anti-utopia Anthem, essays explore the historical, literary, and philosophical themes presiding in this novella written in opposition to the totalitarianism of the Soviet Union (and Nazi Germany). Written in 1937, published in 1938 in Britain, and subsequently in a revised form in the United States in 1946, Anthem investigates the importance of the ego and freedom, and the individual against the state. Editor Robert Mayhew has collected a variety of essays dealing with such topics including: the history behind the novella's creation, publication, and reception; its connection to other anti-utopian novels; and, the significance of ego and freedom, which it portrays and defends. This book is important to philosophers as well as readers looking to gain a better understanding of Ayn Rand and Anthem.

List of Contributors: Michael S. Berliner, Andrew Bernstein, Harry Binswanger, Tore Boeckmann, Jeff Britting, Onkar Ghate, Lindsay Joseph, John Lewis, Robert Mayhew, Shoshana Milgram, Amy Peikoff, Richard E. Ralston, Gregory Salmieri, Darryl Wright.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: The History of Anthem

Shoshana Milgram

Publishing Anthem

Richard E. Ralston

Anthem: '38 and '46

Robert Mayhew

Reviews of Anthem

Michael S. Berliner

Adapting Anthem: Projects That Were and Might Have Been

Jeff Britting

Anthem and 'The Individualist Manifesto'

Jeff Britting

Anthem in Manuscript: Finding the Words

Part 2: Anthem as Literature and as Philosophy

Anthem as a Psychological Fantasy

Tore Boeckmann

Anthem in the Context of Related Literary Works: 'We are not like our brothers'

Shoshana Milgram

'Sacrilege toward the Individual': The Anti-Pride of Thomas More's Utopia and Anthem's Radical Alternative

John Lewis

Needs of the Psyche in Ayn Rand's Early Ethical Thought

Darryl Wright

Breaking the Metaphysical Chains of Dictatorship: Free Will and Determinism in Anthem

Onkar Ghate

Prometheus' Discovery: Individualism and the Meaning of the Concept "I" in Anthem

Gregory Salmieri

Freedom of Disassociation in Anthem

Amy Peikoff

Anthem and Collectivist Regression into Primitivism

Andrew Bernstein

Epilogue: Anthem: An Appreciation

Harry Binswanger

Appendix: Teaching Anthem: A Guide for High School and University Teachers

Lindsay Joseph