Picture of Selected Topics in the Philosophy of Science (MP3 download)

Selected Topics in the Philosophy of Science (MP3 download)

By Harry Binswanger


Speaking as both professional philosopher and amateur scientist, Dr. Binswanger presents original and challenging solutions to a number of problems that have fascinated, tantalized and perplexed students of philosophy and science.

1. Mathematics

Geometry: Euclidean vs. non-Euclidean geometry; reconceiving the hierarchical order of the basic concepts of geometry; a proper definition of “straight line”; a proper definition of “parallel lines” and its role. Numbers: reducing the concept of “number” to perceptual reality—or, “where is fiveness?”; negative numbers, irrational numbers and imaginary numbers; infinity and “ultrafinitism.”

2. Physics and Biology

Physics: the finite universe; “place” vs. “space” in conceptualizing the universe; why there can be no real voids. Biology: mechanism vs. vitalism; the theory of natural selection and its epistemological status; the goal-directedness of living action.

(MP3 download; 2 hrs., 55 min., with Q & A, 127.56 MB)