Picture of Abstraction From Abstractions  (MP3 download)

Abstraction From Abstractions (MP3 download)

By Harry Binswanger


The first half of this elucidating course offers a new perspective on the Objectivist theory of abstraction as such, contrasting the Realist idea of “insight” with Ayn Rand’s theory of “the unit-perspective.” The second half applies her view of abstraction to the topic of higher-level concepts. It answers such questions as: what is measurement omission? what exactly is the hierarchy of concepts? what is the difference between the logical and chronological order of conceptualization? what does it mean to say that “the process of cognition moves in two interacting directions”? how does Ayn Rand’s theory represent a revolution regarding the “cognitive content” of higher abstractions? This is an invaluable discussion of the core of Objectivist epistemology.

(MP3 download; 5 hrs., 9 min., with Q & A, 222.49 MB)