Picture of Psycho-Epistemology II (MP3 download)

Psycho-Epistemology II (MP3 download)

By Harry Binswanger


Extending material presented in “Psycho-Epistemology I”, Dr. Binswanger introduces and defines a new sub-discipline: applied psycho-epistemology.

Topics include:

  • the goal of applied psycho-epistemology
  • psycho-epistemology as one’s automatized “mental software”
  • psycho-epistemology vs. epistemology
  • mental filing as link formation
  • factors affecting information retrieval
  • automatization and context-priming
  • definition as the process that organizes your knowledge by essentials
  • the integrative role of the genus
  • how to concretize properly
  • how to concretize properly
  • thinking in examples:”thought experiments”
  • the psycho-epistemology of emotions

(MP3 download; 3 hrs., 6 min., with Q & A, 133.59 MB)