Picture of The Metaphysics of Consciousness (MP3 download)

The Metaphysics of Consciousness (MP3 download)

By Harry Binswanger


In these three path-breaking lectures, Dr. Binswanger uses the distinction between the what (the object) and the how (the means) of consciousness as the framework for presenting a causal perspective on awareness. In this context, he explains new ideas he has developed concerning the nature of both the perceptual and conceptual levels.

Topics include:

  • the primacy of the what over the how
  • the consciousness-brain relationship
  • the sensation-perception distinction
  • the integration of sensations into percepts
  • two views of awareness
  • fallibility and volition
  • introspection
  • the Kantian inversion
  • paralyzing the how
  • consciousness, values, and life: why consciousness must be selfish.

(MP3 download; 4 hrs. 47 min., with Q & A, 205.92 MB)