Picture of The Philosophy of Romanticism vs. Science (MP3 download)

The Philosophy of Romanticism vs. Science (MP3 download)

By David Harriman


This lecture analyzes a major turning point in modern history. In the late 18th century, the Enlightenment came to an end with a sudden outburst of hostility toward reason and science. This philosophic temper tantrum has a name: romanticism. The leaders of the movement advocated the primacy of feelings over reason and sense perception, the rejection of logical analysis as anti-life, and the view that nature is an incomprehensible war of conflicting opposites.

With Kant's Critiques providing the fertilizer, romanticism took root mainly in Germany. In this lecture, Mr. Harriman shows that the impact on German science was widespread and devastating in the early 19th century.

(MP3 download; 1 hr., 53 min., with Q & A, 81.24 MB)