Picture of Aristotle's Metaphysics (MP3 download)

Aristotle's Metaphysics (MP3 download)

By Robert Mayhew


Aristotle's metaphysics—his view of the fundamental nature of reality—was a brilliant and (for the most part) this-worldly attempt at avoiding two incorrect positions: Greek materialism, according to which every aspect of reality is reducible to matter; and Platonism, which held that what is real is a supernatural, non-material world of forms. Dr. Mayhew examines the essential elements of Aristotle's metaphysics: the critique of Plato, the Law of Non-contradiction, matter and form, mind and body, and the existence and nature of God. Throughout this enlightening course Aristotle's views are compared to and contrasted with those of Ayn Rand.

(MP3 download; 5 hrs., 35 min., with Q & A, 230 MB)